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Attacks are the main function of Wishmere, though there are a variety of attacks in the game.

Normal Attacks[edit | edit source]

Normal Attacks are the main fundamental of inflicting damage on opponents. Normal Attacks by default are generally quicker to execute, as its active frames come out faster. Normal Attacks, though weaker in damage compared to other attacks, are used to chain other attacks together in combos. Attacks can be performed while standing and jumping.

Every character has the following Normal Attacks:

  • Attack Combo: Attack x3
  • Attack Finisher: After 'Attack Combo', Neutral + Attack. Standard knockdown.
  • Attack Launcher: Anytime during 'Attack Combo', Up + Attack. Allows for further damage / combos.
  • Attack Knockaway: Anytime during 'Attack Combo', Forward + Attack (not yet implemented)
  • Attack Special: Anytime during 'Attack Combo', Down + Attack (not yet implemented)

Only Fighters have Running Attacks.

The maximum number of attacks in a Normal Attack string (i.e. Combo, Launcher or others) is limited to four (4) attack inputs. However, once the player has performed an Attack Finisher, Attack Launcher, Attack Knockaway or Attack Special; no other Normal Attacks are able to follow.

Abilities or Super Arts are able to combo from only Attack Combo.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Abilities are class-based attacks that are unique to a character. Their purpose varies from character to character (and is based on their class), and might not always be maneuvers that deal damage. Every character has a set of active Abilities and one (1) Passive Abililty. Abilities and knowing which Ability to perform are the key to tapping into the potential of a character.

Players can perform different Abilities by pressing:

  1. Neutral + Ability
  2. Up + Ability
  3. Forward + Ability
  4. Down + Ability
  5. Ability, during a jump

Passive Abilities are Abilities that are unique to a character and usually are available at all times. Most Passive Abilities do not need to be manually executed and are performed automatically, though this differs from character to character.

Super Arts[edit | edit source]

Super Arts (abbreviated as SA1, SA2, SA3), also known as Hypers, are attacks that require Super Meter to perform. Every character has three (3) Super Arts available to them. As with Abilities, the purpose of the Super Art varies from character to character.

Every character has the following Super Arts:

  • Super Art 1: Performed by pressing the Super Art 1 button. Consumes one (1) level of the Super Meter.
  • Super Art 2: Performed by pressing the Super Art 2 button. Consumes two (2) levels of the Super Meter.
  • Super Art 3: Performed by pressing the Super Art 3 button. Consumes three (3) levels of the Super Meter.

Traditionally, Super Arts are a character's most devastating attack and can help turn the tide of a battle. But beware, Super Arts will always consume Super Meter depending on which Super Art is performed.

TeamUp Combinations[edit | edit source]

TeamUp Combinations are unique attacks / maneuvers performed in unison between two characters. TeamUp Combinations are activated by one character initiating a TeamUp by pressing the TeamUp Combination button. Once initiated, a Beacon, a circular light blue area on the ground of the initiator will appear. A TeamUp Gauge will also appear above the head of the initiator, indicating how much time remains until the TeamUp initiation attempt is over. A teammate will have to step inside the Beacon and press the TeamUp Combination button to confirm the maneuver, before the TeamUp Gauge empties.

Once a Combination is successfully confirmed, time is stop and the initiator will have a quick opportunity to direct the attack / select the direction of the maneuver.

A total of four (4) levels of the Super Meter is consumed per TeamUp Combination:

  1. Two (2) levels upon summoning a Beacon.
  2. Another two (2) levels upon successfully confirming a TeamUp Combination.

TeamUp Combinations can only be performed during co-op play.