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Below you can find the Change Logs for Wishmere, as shown as per the posts in the Wishmere Steam Forum.

NOTE: Bold items denote major changes.

Full Release[edit | edit source]

Synopsis: Full Release has brought us the biggest changes to Wishmere to date. We’re proud to show off all the playable modes to players, especially the Story Mode. All characters have gotten new moves and the combo system has been extended to include Chain Moves in air, allowing for long ground-to-air combos. Overall, it was our goal to give players a lot of freedom of expression through playing the game (flexibility of how to play a character) and creativity (by allowing several modes of play). We wanted to make the players feel powerful and also rewarded for learning their character and have fun when they felt they ‘achieved’ something.

The changes are huge in number, so we’ve kept them condensed for you to digest them as easy as possible while trying to keep all the number of changes represented. Only the major changes and additions are mentioned in this list.

General Changes:

  • Keepsake Gallery: Added Keepsake Gallery, where players can view the lore and items that are unlocked through specific circumstances. A total of 7 Keepsakes per character.
  • Taunts: Added 7 Taunts per character. Taunts are unlocked alongside a Keepsake. Taunts can be equipped in the Character Select screen.
  • Palettes: Number of palettes have increased to 13 for each character.
  • General: Now released for Mac and Linux.
  • General: Added Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards, Steam Badges and Steam Emoticons.
  • Controls: Visual improvements have been made to the control select menu.
  • Controls: Added 15 total Custom Control sets for each player slot (up to 4). These 15 control sets are divided into 3, with 5 Custom sets for Controllers, 5 Custom sets for Left Keyboard and 5 Custom sets for Right Keyboard.
  • Controls: Controller support has been widened to support a generous range of controllers and fightsticks.
  • Controls: Pressing Light (assuming default configuration) while in Character Select will bring up a menu naming all the attached controllers/fightsticks. If there is a controller/fightstick that is not properly functioning with Wishmere, posting the controls listed to our controller discussion on our Steam Forum is the easiest way for us to quickly add support for it.

Gameplay Changes:

  • New Mechanic: Backdash, where players can dash backward while guarding.
  • New Mechanic: Jump Cancels, where players can jump again when a Cancellable jumping attack makes contact with an opponent, allowing for additional pressure or combos.
  • New Mechanic: Air Chain Moves; like ground Chain Moves, where players can chain normal attacks into a Chain Move for longer combos.
  • Changed Mechanic: Ground Quick Getup is now performed by holding down while getting up.
  • New Mechanic: Air Quick Getup, performed by holding any up direction while getting up. Players can now tech off a floor position straight into an air state, allowing for jumping attacks or maneuvers.
  • New Mechanic: Malign Penalty, where players in 1v1 battles are punished if they avoid contact for too long.
  • New Mechanic: Bread and Butter, pressing Light four times makes characters do a simple 4 hit combo ending in a knockdown. Not available in Versus Mode or Practice Mode.
  • New Mechanic: Hitstates have been expanded. Now there are: Wallsplats, Slidebacks and Slams states on certain moves.
  • Enemies: Cougee AI has been completely redone.
  • Enemies: Added blockstun to players when attacking a blocking Subboss.

Character Changes:

  • All: character’s health, Guard Gauge gain & Fate Gauge gain has been tweaked, to further differentiate character strengths & weaknesses
  • All: characters now have hit damage proration on certain moves when used in combos
  • All: all character throws (Light + Hard or Block + Light) now all have changed statuses
  • Earle:
    • New Move: added air Chain Move, (jumping, up + Light)
    • New Move: added new jumping combo finisher attack (jumping down + Ability)
    • Moveset Change: changed properties of various moves (including Guard Eaters, Anti-Airs, Comboable and Super Cancellable properties)
  • Dove:
    • New Move: added air Chain Move, (jumping, up + Light)
    • New Move: added new uppercut attack with followup attack (up + Ability, then down + Ability)
    • Changed Notation: Angled Crystalight Shot changed to down + Ability
    • New Move: added new jumping upward shot (jumping, up + Ability)
    • Moveset Change: changed properties of various moves (including Guard Eaters, Anti-Airs, Comboable and Super Cancellable properties)
  • Duu Shen:
    • New Move: added air Chain Move, (jumping, up + Light)
    • New Move: added new jumping combo starter (jumping, up + Ability)
    • Moveset Change: changed properties of various moves (including Guard Eaters, Anti-Airs, Comboable and Super Cancellable properties)
  • Pandy:
    • Health: health bar amount reduced
    • New Move: added new long ranged poke attack (down + Light)
    • New Move: added new running long ranged partially-invincible attack (running, press Light)
    • New Move: added air Chain Move, (jumping, up + Light)
    • Changed Move: added extra hit for standing + Hard
    • New Move: added heavy divekick, (jumping, down + Hard)
    • Changed Move: standing + Ability now behaves differently, shoots an unblockable non-damaging projectile forward, where if it touches an enemy; Pandy’s next attack is unblockable
    • New Move: added new juggle-starting sudden attack (jumping up + Ability)
    • New Move: added new jumping slash (jumping down + Ability)
    • Moveset Change: changed properties of various moves (including Guard Eaters, Anti-Airs, Comboable and Super Cancellable properties)
  • Sabson:
    • Health: health bar amount reduced
    • Changed Move: forward + Light now has a different animation and usage
    • New Move: added new follow-up for running attack (running, press Light x2)
    • New Move: added air Chain Move, (jumping, up + Light)
    • New Move: added new combo-starter (forward + Hard)
    • New Move: added new long-ranged poke attack (up + Hard)
    • New Move: added new damaging jumping attack (jumping, press Hard)
    • Changed Move: old up + Hard redone and now performed with Light + Ability
    • Changed Move: old forward + Hard now performed with forward + Light + Ability
    • New Move: new dashing quick attack (up + Light + Ability)
    • New Move: new extremely damaging but slow 2-hit attack (down + Light + Ability)
    • Changed Move: old jumping + Hard redone and now performed with jumping + Light + Ability
    • Moveset Change: changed properties of various moves (including Guard Eaters, Anti-Airs, Comboable and Super Cancellable properties)
  • Spritz:
    • Health: health bar amount increased
    • New Move: added air Chain Move, (jumping, up + Light)
    • New Move: added new follow-up attack for standing + Hard (standing + Hard x 2)
    • Changed Move: down + Ability now does not hit opponents
    • Moveset Change: changed properties of various moves (including Guard Eaters, Anti-Airs, Comboable and Super Cancellable properties)
  • Doubt:
    • Health: health bar amount reduced
    • New Move: added air Chain Move, (jumping, up + Light)
    • New Move: added new stationary projectile (down + Hard, then Light or Hard)
    • New Move: web attack now doable in air (jumping, up + Ability)
    • Moveset Change: changed properties of various moves (including Guard Eaters, Anti-Airs, Comboable and Super Cancellable properties)

Mode Specific Changes:

  • Story Mode: Added Story Mode. Single player mode only.
  • Free Mode: Added Free Mode. Can be played up to 4 players in couch co-op.
  • Base of Darkness Mode: Added the remaining bases to Base of Darkness Mode. There are now 35 bases in total.
  • Base of Darkness Mode: 11 new boss enemies have been added.
  • Base of Darkness Mode: Added High Scores to completed bases, which appear when a base is successfully defeated.
  • Base of Darkness Mode: Added multiple win and lose quotes for each character when defeating or failing a base.
  • Tutorial Mode: Added additional tutorials - Backdash, Taking Damage, Air Quick Getup, Air Chain Combo, Malign Penalty,
  • Practice Mode: Properly rearranged the practice settings tabs for ease of use for players.

Bug / Fixes:

  • Fixed a multitude of bugs in the options menu, namely but not limited to: Incorrect volumization of the Sound category, Audio resetting to default automatically, incorrect default settings for Video and an inability to enter control config from the options menu.
  • Fixed a multitude of bugs in controller select, namely but not limited to: controllers not properly appearing, controllers displaying the incorrect number, duplicate controls taking multiple player slots, controllers not being recognized.
  • Fixed a multitude of inconsistencies and bugs in combat, from incorrect fall states, complete loss of gravity, characters freezing, enemies walking in place, bosses moving offscreen, attacks whiffing on certain enemies and much more.
  • Fixed a multitude of combat related quality of life issues, namely but not limited to deterministic hitframes and frame data, consistent hit pause, corner velocities, hardening hit pauses, time stop effects for Supers / Ultimate Arts and much more.
  • Fixed a visual issue where the Skill Tree would not be removed from the screen when players exit the skills menu under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not properly use Front Ability when comboing from their running Abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not do certain Edge attacks during running animation.
  • Fixed an issue where Cougee would not react to all hit states (like floor bounce).
  • Fixed an issue where a draw game would incorrectly show the wrong winner if there were more than 2 players.
  • Fixed an issue where time over would incorrectly show the wrong winner under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Fight Stats during Winner screen, especially during Time Over.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect winner would show in Versus Mode if there were more than 2 players under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed game crashing issues in regards to certain Ultimate Arts being performed one after another.
  • Fixed an issue where Sabson’s Secret’s of Grnym would lock other player actions and prevent them from moving.
  • Fixed an issue where a number of characters could Fate Advance out of their Ultimate Arts.

Hotfix 0.7a[edit | edit source]

General Changes:

  • Graphical Resolutions and scaling modes reverted to Pixel Perfect compatible resolutions. Through prolonged testing we found that scaling modes on the current Unity (our development platform) version would cause some visual errors caused by the Unity system. To ensure stability we have rolled back this feature, but will be open to it returning once Unity has resolved the visual errors.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Additional hitstop has been added to all player attacks. This was to provide each hit with more impact and more visual clarity, so players have more time to combo into different attacks without having to rush inputs. This change only applies to player controlled characters. 
  • Fate Advance duration mechanics have changed. Players that use Fate Advance while another player has Fate Advance active will no longer wait for one Fate Advance to complete before another Fate Advance begins. Instead, each player will get 3 seconds of Fate Advance from the time of activation regardless of any other Fate Advance currently in progress.

Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements:

  • Fixed an issue where Guard Crushes could be cancelled out of by releasing the Guard button at the moment of Guard Crush.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing pause too quickly in succession would render the game unable to unpause.
  • Fixed a variety of issues where some attacks were unblockable under certain circumstances in Versus Mode.
  • Fixed inconsistencies of players being knocked down and forced into incorrect animation states.
  • Fixed an issue where players would not always have invincibilty while air teching.
  • Fixed an issue where players could consume their Super Meter without doing a Super when landing from a jump.
  • Fixed an issue where hitstop would not be applied to attacks that were chained together quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where velocities would be inconsistent when comboing into airborne attacks.
  • Earle
    • Fixed a variety of inconsistencies regarding Hero Roar’s floor sliding mechanic.
    • Fixed velocity storage inconsistencies when enemies are hit with a Critical Desire charged attack.
  • Dove
    • Fixed the positioning of Unrelenting Blast when done at various angles.
    • Fixed some inconsistencies with Escaping Strike’s velocity under certain circumstances.
  • Pandy
    • Fair Sever now properly stops at the point of contact with an enemy instead of a few moments after making contact with an enemy.
    • Fixed an issue where enemies in Versus Mode would be unable to be Hexed under certain circumstances.
  • Sabson
    • Increased consistency of Secrets of Grnym.
  • Duu Shen
    • Fixed an issue where Knife Edge would sometimes not properly bounce the opponent if hitting an airborne opponent.

Update 7[edit | edit source]

Synopsis: The Big Bad is finally here! Doubt enters the fray and he’s out for blood

General Changes:

  • Tutorial Mode added: a mode where you can get all the mechanics of Wishmere down. Each tutorial section has a subsection and the length of the tutorials are shown.
  • 3 new Palettes for each character.
  • Options Mode added. A good handful of options for players to play with to get the settings right for their machine.
  • Graphical Resolutions added in Options Mode. This will allow for players to select their desired resolutions. Do note that not all resolutions are pixel perfect.
  • Scaling Mode added in Options Mode. We recommend Pixel Perfect!

Gameplay Changes:

  • All enemy health bars have moved up in visual priority, allowing players to better single out lower health enemies. 
  • Running and holding the jump button will no longer allow players to jump very far distances


  • New character added: Doubt. Doubt controls space and manipulates his opponent’s positions to get them exactly where he wants them. Doubt is full of tricks and power, trading in traditional mobility.


  • Cougee (Blue Samurai Warrior)
    • Is now properly able to be thrown.

Known Bugs (to be fixed in upcoming updates)

  • Options Menu
    • The v-sync option on some monitors does not function properly. This will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix in a few days.

Update 6D[edit | edit source]

Synopsis: This update was all about rounding out every character’s attacks. We wanted all characters to have similar damage potential when all resources were available to them (Fate, Edge and Super Meter), so we added properties and new moves to level the playing field. This should help balance out all the characters. Also, we’ve added some graphical changes to UI (to include keyboard interfaces) and Command List that’ll help keep the game uniform and intuitive for players using keyboards, controllers or even a fightstick.

NOTE: 1 - 2 additional character palettes will be added in the upcoming update.

General Changes:

  • Keyboard-centric HUD displays have been added for keyboard players
  • Command List display icons have been changed to standardize keyboard and controller players
  • Command List feature ‘Toggle Legend’ now includes a display to show your configured input for your device (controller or keyboard)
  • Holiday chests have been removed
  • Holiday themed palettes have been removed
  • Snowfall in Ice Wasteland has been removed

Gameplay Changes:

  • All characters’ jumping Lights and jumping Hard attacks now pop an opponent up higher and push less further away, leading to easier air juggles.
  • All character’s projectiles now collide with other projectiles more consistently. Now if two projectiles meet each other, they will absorb each other or cancel the other out (if one is a super-projectile)


  • Earle:
    • NEW MOVE: Hero Thunder Clap (run + Hard, hold Hard). Can be held to turn the attack unblockable.
    • Straight Kick (up + Light) now has a longer range hitbox and graphic.
    • The Last Battle (with Critical Desire active, up / down + Super) now snaps airborne opponents into standing position, guaranteeing full hits.
  • Dove:
    • NEW MOVE: Rising Strength (during Pure Force, front + Ability). A leaping knee strike that relaunches airborne enemies. Leaves you dangerously vulnerable if used on standing enemies.
    • Target Lockdown Projectiles have been reanimated and reworked. Hitbox now has much further range. It also now is 4 hits and stuns for longer, allowing for better zoning and combos.
    • Straight Heel (up + Light) now has a longer vertical and horizontal range hitbox and graphic.
  • Duu Shen:
    • Aiming for the Penthouse (Super) cannot be looped continuously.
  • Pandy:
    • NEW MOVE: Shrieking Wind (during jump, down + Hard). An angled divekick that can be comboed into and out of.
    • NEW MOVE: Murderous Shadow (during jump, up + Ability). A sword thrust and vicious slash that launches opponents.
    • Hex (neutral + Ability) has a longer active hitbox, able to lock onto opponents, even after Pandy regains control.
  • Sabson:
    • HP count decreased (1500 → 1275)
    • Assistants of Mana cooldown increased slightly.
    • Eothun Bolt (during jump, neutral + Ability) does not splat an opponent anymore.
    • Namorr Wind (during jump, up / down + Ability) launches opponents higher to allow for more time for combos.
  • Spritz:
    • HP count increased (1500 → 1800)
    • Recovery time for a successful Juggernaut Explosion (up + Ability) increased. Enemies:
    • Tough Hat:
      • Hit FX and sound FX for projectile attack added. Base of Darkness:
      • 2 additional bases added for Easy difficulty.
      • 4 additional bases added for Medium difficulty.
      • 2 additional bases added for Hard difficulty.

Hotfix 6C[edit | edit source]


  • Spritz
    • Spritz now has his Base of Darkness Skill Trees.

Hotfix 6B[edit | edit source]


  • Duu Shen
    • Duu Shen now has his Base of Darkness Skill Trees.

Bug Fixes:

  • Dove
    • Base of Darkness:
      • Preparation now properly only consumes one stock of Target Lockdown instead of 2.
      • Deadeye now properly shoots 4 arrows when the skills is upgraded to it max level instead of 3. Spritz's Base of Darkness Skill Trees will be coming in the next update within a week. In the meantime, enjoy burning foes to a crisp with Duu Shen's Skills!

Update 6[edit | edit source]

Synopsis: Two new characters added! As we get closer to a final product, we can see the character meta shaping up quite nicely. Our focus this update was to get more characters and stage done, and from there we will be adding more enemies and bases. We are getting closer to the final feel and polish of the game, as we’ve added some character profiles, new perspectives for the backgrounds. Also, we’ve added in some Holiday themed items and palettes for all characters! Please do have a safe and happy holidays, and don’t forget to have fun!

NOTE: Duu Shen and Spritz both do not have their Base of Darkness Skill Trees implemented. This will be added within a few days / weeks.

General Changes:

  • New character loading screens have been added. These loading screens provide bio information about each available character.
  • 1 new stage added (The Nexus).
  • All stages have been redesigned to a more appropriate perspective.
  • Dynamic lighting for all characters, items and enemies has been improved
  • The Space Hangar has been removed from the game.
  • The Space Station stage now has added scenic animations.
  • Playing a Versus match with two players now centers the Player UI for visual uniformity.
  • All characters have an additional limited time holiday themed palette.
  • Snow has been added to the Ice Wasteland stage to commemorate the holidays.
  • Some chests have been replaced with holiday presents to commemorate the festivities.

Gameplay Changes:

  • The Command List has been greatly improved to better describe move properties and usages. This comes with a toggleable Key to see what move properties are available in the game.
  • A block stun mechanic has been introduced. All attacks put the Codex Blocking player in a state of Block stun, where they cannot “unblock” for a period of time. The duration of block stun depends on the move performed. 
  • All characters Fate Breaks are now faster.


  • New character added: Duu Shen. Duu Shen is an offensive juggernaut, specializing in never letting opponents breathe and converting mistakes into huge damage.
  • New character added: Spritz. Spritz is a tanky grappler with defensive shields and blocks, who utilizes unblockable throws to destroy opponents.
  • Time has been added to Versus Mode. Due to this, a draw game is now possible. 
  • Players can no longer Quick Rise from a Floor Slam state.
  • Earle:
    • Critical Desire stuns longer, allowing more opportunity for follow up attacks. 
    • Hero Roar is now a Guard Eater.
  • Pandy:
    • Pandy is now invincible during the duration of Feast and Penalty.
  • Dove:
    • Amethyst Storm is now a Guard Eater.
    • Mark of Peace’s detonation explosion now launches enemies. 
    • Sliding now trips enemies.

Known Bugs (to be fixed in upcoming updates)

  • Duu Shen:
    • Duu Shen can constantly relaunch opponents with his Super Art. This will be fixed in later builds.
  • Base of Darkness:
    • Duu Shen and Spritz do not have their Base of Darkness Skill Trees implemented. This will be added within a few weeks.
  • Dove:
    • Base of Darkness:
      • With the Preparation skill purchased, placing a Target Lockdown bumper with 2 stocks of Target Lockdown will consume both stocks instead of 1.
      • The 3rd level of the Deadeye skill still shoots 3 arrows in succession, though it is supposed to shoot 4.

Please take note that though this list covers all the elements that are changed, the list is not extensive (as in not going into every detail of what exactly was changed). This was done in order to improve readability.

Hotfix 0.6.01[edit | edit source]

General Changes

  • PS4 controllers can now use the Options or Share button to pause the game. 
  • Improved functionality of rebinding controls.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with rebinding controls with the PS4 controller.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would continuously shake if the game was paused during a camera shake instance. 
  • Fixed visual consistency of Earle's Critical Desire when hitting opponents in the air.

We're aware of some issues with the XboxOne controller, which we are working on fixing.

Update 5[edit | edit source]

Synopsis: This is a huge update for Wishmere. We’ve been long at work, looking at what works and what doesn’t work for Wishmere, and we’ve come up with a whole new direction of gameplay, aesthetic and vision for the game. We wanted to make it faster, more fun to play and appeal to those who really love differentiation in characters and movesets. Personalization was a big thing here, as we wanted players to feel like they were in control of their characters and were free to play the game how they liked; and a big factor to that was a bigger focus on the Base of Darkness mode. Because the change list is extremely extensive, we’ve tried our best to condense it as tightly as possible. Enjoy!

General Changes:

  • Arcade Mode now expanded and now called ‘Base of Darkness’ mode.
  • Story Mode and Tutorial Mode deactivated for the time being.
  • Entire soundtrack entirely changed. The old soundtrack is no longer used.
  • Player naming added into all gameplay modes. This allows players to customize their own player names.
  • Character portraits added for all characters, visible in Character Select, Skill Upgrades, Winner Screen and in-game.
  • In-game HUD updated.
  • Winner Screen added into the game, including a unique winning quote, in-game stats.
  • New Loading Screen hints added.
  • 1 new stage added (Hazelroad High School) and the Training stage has been recolored. 
  • Dynamic lighting in Ice Wasteland, Sewers, Hangar and Space Bridge improved to taper and contour to characters like actual light.
  • All game assets graphically improved.
  • In-game common combat FX changed.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Entire gameplay has been sped up greatly.
  • Attack button now split into 2 attack strengths: Light and Heavy attacks.
  • Single plane mechanic now implemented instead of ‘Z-axis’ plane. This means all action takes place on one singular axis, instead of having to line up attacks.
  • Super Meter between players is no longer shared and now every player has their own Super Meter.
  • Supers (Super Arts) are now broken down into 2 types: Super Arts, which take 1 stock of Super Meter; and Ultra Arts, which take 3 stocks of Super Meter.
  • Fate Advance time-slowing tweaked and slowed further.
  • Fate Break now tweaked to be a defensive-only move.
  • Guard can no longer be cancelled into or out of.
  • Guard now has its own Guard Gauge. The amount of Guard Gauge varies character to character. Guard Crush is also now implemented, whereby guarding for too long will leave the player vulnerable.
  • Command Lists screens are entirely rehauled.
  • Training Mode Attack Data system and graphic rehauled.
  • Training Mode now has toggleable settings for Gauges. More other settings to be implemented soon.
  • Control Schemes now introduced to the game; 2 schemes: Default, a 6-button scheme for those with fighting game execution; Shortcut, a 8-button scheme that avoids multi-button combinations.
  • Difficulty now implemented, with 3 difficulties: Easy, Medium and Hard.


  • New character added: Sabson. Sabson is a defense specialist that focuses on countering and converting into offense.
  • Edge system now implemented. Edge is a resource-based action that is unique to a character that accentuates their playstyle. 
  • Every character’s moveset has now been rehauled to (direction + button) commands, simplifying the movesets.
  • Throws are now implemented. Every character has a ground Throw and an air Throw. Throw Breaks are also added into the game, allowing for players to break out of Throws.
  • Movement speed and animation speed of all characters greatly increased.
  • New jump system implemented; with 3 types of jumps: Normal, High and Super jumps. Every character now has a Double Jump.
  • New airdash system: characters are now able to airdash, increasing movement options. 
  • Character Class system is abolished.
  • Safford and Spritz deactivated for the time being; they will return!
  • Every character now has 4 different color palettes, with more to be added soon. 
  • All characters now have Intro poses and Winning poses.

Base of Darkness:

  • Skill system entirely rehauled. Each character now has 3 Skill Trees, each specializing in a particular playstyle.
  • Fiend Rush mechanic has been added: a random chance during a round to be attacked by a horde of manic charging enemies. 
  • 16 new enemy types added.
  • Enemy AI is more intelligent. Certain enemy types have unique aggression tendencies.
  • Spawning enemies are now capable of falling from the sky as well as walking on screen. 
  • 4 new Bases (2 in Easy difficulty, 2 in Hard difficulty) added.
  • Base map and Base progression aesthetics changed + animation added

Known Bugs (to be fixed in upcoming updates)

  • Dove:
    • Base of Darkness: 
      • With the Preparation skill purchased, placing a Target Lockdown bumper with 2 stocks of Target Lockdown will consume both stocks instead of 1.
      • The 3rd level of the Deadeye skill still shoots 3 arrows in succession, though it is supposed to shoot 4.

Please take note that though this list covers all the elements that are changed, the list is not extensive (as in not going into every detail of what exactly was changed). This was done in order to improve readability.

Update 4[edit | edit source]

General Synopsis: In this update, we've taken a huge step into adding more depth into the combat. The Fate System has changed the way fights move now, as they serve both as offensive and defensive tools. This new mechanic even allows players to team up with other teammates to create creative combos together. We added lots of different attacks for each character to round out metas. We've also tightened up mechanics to introduce another mode: Versus Mode.

New Mechanic: Fate Advance

  • The Fate Advance is a powerful tool that allows players to slow down time for a few seconds, which leaves all enemies and projectiles moving at half speed. This flexible ability can be performed and canceled into from any state, making it vital in both offensive and defensive situations. We feel this mechanic can open up a wide variety of possibilities within Wishmere, from combo extensions to evasive maneuvers, which gives players the ability to regain control of any situation.

New Mechanic: Fate Burst

  • The Fate Burst is a defense oriented ability that releases an emergency burst of energy that knocks all enemies away. This ability is only able to be performed when the player is damaged or blocking. This defensive maneuver is the ultimate “get out of jail” card, which we think players will definitely benefit from. The ability to “reset” the fight and gain some breathing room will give players more room to plan out strategies fresh from being overwhelmed.

Removed Mechanic: Team Up Supers

  • With the introduction of the Fate system, we officially announce the retirement of the Team Up Super mechanic. While interesting on paper, we realized the Team Up Supers were relatively restrictive in nature, as it allowed only two players to interact at any one time. We wanted to retain the nature of “teaming up” with other teammates without leaving other teammates out the fun. So as the Fate Advance can be stacked to extend the duration, this gives players the freedom to create their own combos with their teammates in ways the Team Up Super was unable to.

New Mechanic: Difficulty

  • Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty modes have been added. This is an important addition we were looking forward to including as this allows players from a wide range of skill levels to enjoy the game to its fullest. We will likely be tweaking a few things related to the intelligence/ferocity of enemy AI in the coming days, so if difficulty spikes are harsh, we will tune it accordingly.

New Game Mode: Versus Mode

  • A new Versus game mode has been added. Up to 4 players are able to battle it out in a free for all to determine who is the best. This feature was a natural progression of Wishmere's development due to the diverse characters and the multiplayer nature of the game. We'll be keeping an eye on this mode in terms of balance and the overall experience, and will be making changes accordingly.

Rehauled Game Mode: Tutorial

  • The tutorial mode has received a rehaul to reflect both the additional mechanics of the game as well as to properly explain the core mechanics of Wishmere to beginners and experts alike. This is an exciting addition as we want players to play the game with as much knowledge of the mechanics as possible, so players may reach their maximum potential when playing their characters.

Reworked Mechanic: Codex Block

  • Furthering the intention to bolster defensive capabilities, we have once again reworked the Codex Block mechanic. The Codex Block is now more agile to use, and remains active so long as the player holds down the Interact button. The startup frames are now instantaneous with no lag in the starting and ending frames of the Codex Block for all characters. And instead of draining the Super Meter to use it, each character now has a Codex Guard Meter, indicated by the color of the character's icon which is located next to the Super Art Meter. The logo slowly glows from regular color to completely red to indicate how long the player can remain in Codex Block, which when it is completely red, the Codex Block is no longer active and players are open to attacks.

New Earle Super Art 3: Expunger

  • Earle has received a new Super Art 3: Expunger. Earle releases a powerful energy beam that obliterates all in its path.

Reworked Spritz Super Art 1

  • Spritz's Super Art 1 has been reworked. He now conjures a shield at his location that damages all enemies that get near it.

New Attacks:

  • Each character has been given two new attacks, the Radial Attack and the Specific Attack. Players are now able to utilize the Radial, Specific and Launch attack outside of the character's attack combo. These attacks will be further explained below.

New Enemies:

  • A new enemy has been added to the Sewer Stage.

New Feature: Character Palettes

  • Players are now able to choose color palettes for their characters and can choose from 4 currently available palettes. With the inclusion of Versus Mode, we wanted players to be able to pick the same character to do battle, and with the inclusion of player palettes this is now possible. We will likely be adding additional palettes as we develop Wishmere.

To Be Updated:

  • There are a few changes and fixes that will be made in the following days, which we have left out of this update. These changes include:
  • We are aware of a bug related to the Fate Advance, where under certain circumstances when the Fate Advance ends, the game will crash. We are worked very hard to squash the bug and have not found it in our latests tests, but if the bug does happen to appear in the game, please leave a bug report on our Wishmere Forum. We'd appreciate it if you could be as specific as possible about the occurance, eg.) which character was playing, how many players, when did the crash occur, what was happening on screen, were any enemies being attacked/bounced off walls. All this information will be vital to us ascertaining the existence of the bug and squashing it for good. 
  • Further tweaking of analog movement (particularly for Xbox One controllers): We are aware that analog movement for the Xbox One controller is not functioning as intended. We're going to look into this in the next few days. 
  • Spritz's First Class upgrade to his TK Introducer currently grabs the incorrect number of enemies when upgraded. We are aware of this issue and will address it in the following days.

General Changes:

  • All character command lists have been updated to reflect the added moves, Super Arts, and Fate abilities.
  • Character Select has been updated to include the selection of character palettes when picking a character.
  • Wishmere's current version is now visible in the Main Menu.
  • Players can now select their stage when entering the Endless Base in Arcade mode.
  • Elreed now has a pointer prompt in Tutorial Mode to indicate that you are able to continue the tutorial.

Gameplay Changes: 

  • Each character now has access to additional attacks outside the attack combo. These attacks include:
  • Attack Launcher (Up + Attack + Jump): Launches the opponent, setting up for a combo. 
  • Radial Attack (Down + Attack + Jump): A radial attack that catches enemies in a circular radius. 
  • Specific Attack (Foward + Attack + Jump): A unique attack that has different uses per character.
  • Enemy difficulty has been reworked to reflect the added feature of difficulty when starting Story Mode. 
  • Practice mode now has the character select option.
  • The Game Over menu has been reworked, which now gives players additional choice after being defeated. Choices include changing character, retrying the stage or changing Base in Arcade Mode. 
  • The notification when players have Super Charged Hope to spend has changed. 
  • Enemy difficulty in Arcade Mode now reflects the difficulty of the base selected. 
  • Turrets in the Space Station are now able to turn around to properly face players before firing. This was a long awaited change that would increase the threat of turrets, which we currently felt were more of a nuisance than anything else. Now when facing a turret, players must now pay attention to the direction the turret is facing. 
  • Tutorial dialogue has been rehauled to reflect the additional mechanics in Wishmere. 
  • Removed hit sparks to all guarded attacks.
  • Reworked the knockdown directions to more accurately indicate the direction of a knockdown. 
  • Bulwark enemies are now stunned for a longer period when their guard is broken.

Character Synopsis: In this update, every character has received their complete moveset. Every character now sports a Radial Attack and a Specific Attack, along with the already implemented Launch Attack and Knockdown Attack. This will give every attack its own identity and purpose, and further the differences between characters. Though character difference was a priority, the balance between characters was also something we worked on and will continue to update as we develop further.


  • - The number of Opening Spin (Jump + Ability) loops Earle is capable of completing has been reduced to 3 from 5. 
  • +/- New Super Art 3: Expunger (Super Art 3):
  • Releases a powerful energy Beam.
  • +/- New Radial Attack: Backhand Turn (Attack + Jump OR Down + Attack while in attack combo)
  • A radial attack that catches enemies in a circular radius. When done while in an attack combo, the stun is reduced. 
  • +/- New Specific Attack: Priming Drive (Forward + Attack + Jump OR Forward + Attack while in attack combo)
  • Multiple Hit Autocombo that knocks down.
  • +/- Earle's Super Art 2 now only hits once, changed from multiple times. The damage of the projectile remains unchanged. 
  • Fixed a bug where enemies were unable to block Earle's Super Art 3.
  • Fixed a bug where Earle's Super Art 2 hitsparks were not accurately displaying the point of contact.


  • +/- New Radial Attack: Pure Force (Attack + Jump OR Down + Attack while in attack combo)
  • A radial attack that catches enemies in a circular radius. When done while in an attack combo, the stun is reduced. 
  • +/- New Specific Attack: Escaping Strike (Forward + Attack + Jump OR Forward + Attack while in attack combo)
  • Kicks off the opponent, knocking her backwards in the air.
  • +/- Dove has received a visual upgrade to her frames on a variety of her animations, to better illustrate the volume and billowing of her golden locks. 
  • Fixed a bug where Dove's Super Art 3 was incorrectly hurting blocking enemies. 
  • Fixed a bug where Dove's Arrow attack hitsparks were not accurately displaying the point of contact.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies slowed by Dove's arrows were not being properly slowed.


  • +/- New Super Art 1: (Super Art 3):
  • Conjures a powerful shield at his location that damages any enemy hit.
  • +/- New Radial Attack: Parting Sweep (Attack + Jump OR Down + Attack while in attack combo)
  • A radial attack that catches enemies in a circular radius. When done while in an attack combo, the stun is reduced. 
  • +/- New Specific Attack: Profound Drill (Forward + Attack + Jump OR Forward + Attack while in attack combo)
  • A damaging multi-hitting attack that knocks down. 
  • Fixed a bug where Spritz's Codex Block FX was not appearing when intended. 
  • Fixed a variety of sprite pivot issues related to Spritz's animations.
  • Fixed a bug where Spritz's Super Art 3 was losing the incorrect number of HP when damaged.


  • +/- New Radial Attack: Round River (Attack + Jump OR Down + Attack while in attack combo)
  • A radial attack that catches enemies in a circular radius. When done while in an attack combo, the stun is reduced. 
  • +/- New Specific Attack: Footpoke of Ilgard (Forward + Attack + Jump OR Forward + Attack while in attack combo)
  • A quick attack with limited invincibility.
  • + Increased the window of Ilgard Chain to 2 frames from 1 frame.
  • Added whiff sounds to Safford's slashes in his Super Art 2.
  • Fixed a bug where Safford's Codex Block FX was not appearing when intended. 
  • Fixed a variety of sprite pivot issues related to Safford's animations.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies were unable to block Safford's Super Art 3.
  • Fixed a bug where Safford was unable to continue to the next round in all Bases in Arcade Mode.


  • +/- New Radial Attack: Turning Moon (Attack + Jump OR Down + Attack while in attack combo)
  • A radial attack that catches enemies in a circular radius. When done while in an attack combo, the stun is reduced. 
  • +/- New Specific Attack: Heart Stopper (Forward + Attack + Jump OR Forward + Attack while in attack combo)
  • A quick attack that knocks the enemy back. 
  • Fixed a bug where Pandy's Codex Block FX was not appearing when intended. 
  • Fixed a bug where Pandy was hitting multiple targets with her Jump + Ability. 
  • Fixed a bug where Pandy's Front + Ability would make enemies killed by the attack fail to fall to the floor. 
  • Fixed a bug where Pandy's Upgraded Forward + Ability was not animating or dissipating.

Bug Fixes:

  • All character sounds no longer cancel one another when a new audio was meant to be played while another was still playing. 
  • Fixed a visual bug where Narsus' sprite was being incorrectly displayed. 
  • Fixed a bug where the player slot would not reset after leaving character select while in the Main Menu.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies were not accurately falling into the hole in the Ice Wasteland Stage.

Update 3[edit | edit source]

General Synopsis: More fundamentals into what Wishmere will end up becoming have been added: Arcade Mode, a core mode where players can immediate dive into battles with waves of enemies, and our newest character: Pandy. A lot of polish was added to the UI and presentation of the game, rounding out the identity of Wishmere, much of which will be more apparent when the new iteration of our new Story Mode is released.

New Character: Pandy

  • Class: Slasher
  • Moveset expanded below in 'Character' section.

New Game Mode: Arcade Mode

  • Arcade Mode is a completely new game mode where players seek to complete “Bases”, arena-like battles that test both the endurance and skill of players as they take on waves of enemies. These bases range in difficulty and type, from Easy, Medium and Hard as well as Special Matches. Special Matches are single round battles where players face off against exceptionally difficult opponents, such as Dr. Chaka and 5 Space Century's for example. Players that want to take on the ultimate test can compete in the Endless Base, where players battle an infinite wave of enemies in order to achieve a high score.

Future Reworked Mode: Story Mode

  • The previously named Arcade Mode has now been renamed to Story Mode. This mode, while currently unchanged in this update, is now undergoing development to be retooled to better fit a more cohesive story experience. We're considering a lot of different approaches when creating Story Mode, and we will update you further once we've decided on the best method of conveying Wishmere's Story into a great game mode.

General Changes:

  • The previous Arcade Mode has been renamed Story Mode. 
  • Tutorial Mode has been moved from an option in Story Mode to it's own game mode, called Tutorial mode. This is a quality of life change that would allow players easier access to the Tutorial. 
  • The Main Menu selections further updated to reflect the future of development.
  • Story Mode now has added UI to indicate “Ready” and “Go”. This is a general polish addition that we felt was missing from the beginning of each stage. Some polish in this area we hope would better round out the player experience. 
  • Transitions into and out of stages have been updated. The transitions have moved from fade to black to dynamic “slices through black” and “closes to black”. This is another polish addition we have implemented in order to add some sharpness to Wishmere's presentation.

Gameplay Changes: 

  • Added a text UI sound effect while dialogue is being written. 
  • Altered dynamism of shadow positions in order for shadows to more accurately grow, shrink and appear in the correct positions for both characters and enemies. 
  • Immobile structures such as turrets and abatis (the spikes in the Ice Wasteland) have their strikebox size reduced. Testing on these structures indicated that their strikeboxes were too wide and thus hurt the player too often, so we made it easier for players to maneuver around these structures.
  • Interacting with interactables is now more precise. This means that it interacting functionality is now more intuitive to recognizing an interactable in range to be interacted with. For instance, characters now detect chests more accurately and characters are now more precise with stepping on panels in the Space Station puzzle. 
  • Codex Block/Barrier is now only one button (Interact). At first blocking was a quick double tap, but player feedback indicated that blocking should be bound to an easier notation as it is so vital. At the moment this means that interacting and Codex Blocking are the same notation, so interacting with objects now also makes the character Codex Block. We will be examining the effects of this change and see if further notation changes to interact or Codex Block need to be made in the future.

Character Synopsis: We've added a new character in the Wishmere universe: Pandy. She is a much more aggressive and quick character capable of dismantling enemies with her high DPS. As we progress, Pandy is a good indicator of the type of variance that is coming for the other characters in the game. We'll be looking at adding characters (and pausing in developing the Story Mode) as we develop, as we try to round out the gameplay in the game first.

New Character: Pandy

  • Passive: Bloodlust (Jump + Interact) with at least 1 Goblet Filled
  • - When Pandy's Abilities hit an opponent, she gains Blood. When at least 1 of her Goblets are filled, she can perform Bloodlust, which heals her for a portion of her HP.
  • Ability Neutral: Shadow – (Ability) 
  • - A quick teleport. Pressing and holding a direction will make Pandy travel during her teleport. Limited to one directional input per execution.
  • Ability Front: Red Circle of the Bane – (Front + Ability) 
  • - Attacks and releases a weak short-lived projectile.
  • Ability Down: Creed of Hunger – (Down + Ability) 
  • - A quick damaging attack. Can be followed up with Creed of Damnation.
  • …Creed of Damnation – (… Ability) 
  • - A slow and extremely damaging attack.
  • Ability Up: Sacrificial Cry – (Up + Ability) 
  • - An extremely weak attack. If used to kill an opponent, Pandy gains a temporary speed boost.
  • Jump Ability: Savage Dive – (Jump + Ability) 
  • - Dives downards. If it hits an opponent, Pandy follows up with a damaging slash.
  • Super Art 1: A Brief Respite – (Super Art 1) 
  • - Grants Pandy 1 filled Goblet.
  • Super Art 2: Dance of the Phantoms – (Super Art 2) 
  • - Creates 2 duplicates of herself for a period of time, that trails her actions. Her movements are dramatically increased, which allow for combos and maneuvers performable only in SA2. 
  • Super Art 3: Feast and Penalty – (Super Art 3) 
  • - A dashing attack. If an opponent is close, Pandy follows up with a damaging sequence. Consumes all available goblets and Pandy deals additional damage for each goblet consumed.


  • +- Violet Shear (...Attack)
  • - The attack now hits 3 times, increased from 1 time. The damage for the attack remains the same.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where turrets that self destruct would be considered to be killed twice instead of once, which would render some gameplay functions to function incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where utilizing the “Brisk Pace” skill would make players enter the Run animation instead of a Walk animation under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where Safford's Super Art 2 would hit inconsistently if too many enemies were being attacked.
  • Fixed a bug where Safford's Super Art 3 would hit inconsistently if done too close to a wall.
  • Fixed a bug where Safford's Super Art 3 would incorrectly display the slash hitspark when facing a particular direction.
  • Fixed a bug where Safford's Super Art 3 would render Safford infinitely dashing when the Super Art 3 was performed in succession. 
  • Fixed a bug where Dove's Super Art 3 would fail to detonate when activated if the player had enough bar to perform the Super Art 3 once again.
  • Fixed a bug where Dove's Super Art 3 would display the hitspark in the wrong position when shot from the left. 
  • Fixed a bug where Dove's Super Art 3's explosion shadow would be incorrectly displayed if the opponent was airborne when the mark was detonated.
  • Fixed a bug where Dove's Super Art 3 would not correctly play the arrow destroyed animation under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where Dove's Super Art 3 detonation would not deal damage to airborne opponents under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where Narsus' punch sound FX was not being played.

Hotfix 0.31[edit | edit source]

Bug Fixes

  • Hotfixed a bug that would prevent players from proceeding in the Sewer Stage.

Update 2[edit | edit source]

General Synopsis: After our first update set the tone for how Wishmere will evolve, this update builds on top of that foundation. We wanted to add more dynamism to the game, where the characters, enemies and playthroughs felt more unique. A biggest changes are the additions of the enemy HP bars, and the buffing of both the Codex Block and Codex Barrier. With the enemy HP bars visible, players will be able to easier target the enemy of their choice strategically with the most information available to them. The buffing of both the Codex Block and Codex Barrier aims to make both mechanics viable in combat.

New Mechanic: Sub-Boss Block

  • Sub-bosses are now able to block attacks. We've seen through tests that though sub-bosses are beefy and tough enemies, they have a tendency to be overwhelmed upon wake-up and are unable to properly mount an offense. This change allows Sub-bosses to have some defense in order to be a real threat.

New Mechanic: Randomized Item Holders

  • Items that appear on each stage are now completely randomized. This is to add a factor of luck to each playthrough, where players can get an extra Super Charged Hope Crystal if they are lucky enough. 
  • Crate: Rarer than barrels but more common than chests. These items are highly likely to give low value collectable items like health and Super Meter. 
  • Dream Cache: Extremely rare, with a high probability to drop Supercharged Hope Crystals. Requires players to attack the cache to break it open.

New Items: Super Meter Collectable Items

  • Super Meter Collectables give all players Super Meter. This is to add some variety in the collectables, to better give strategic diversity between playthroughs.
  • Half Super Meter Collectable: Gives all players half a stock of Super Meter.
  • Full Super Meter Collectable: Gives all players 1 whole stock of Super Meter.

New Items: Supercharged Hope Crystal Collectable Items

  • Super Charged Hope Crystals give players Super Charged Hope Crystals. This rare collectable allows players to upgrade an additional skill. Needless to say, Super Charged Hope Crystals are the highest value collectable in the game. 
  • - 1 Super Charged Hope Crystal: Gives all players 1 Super Charged Hope Crystal.
  • - 2 Super Charged Hope Crystals: Gives all players 2 Super Charged Hope Crystal.

New Mechanic: Enemy HP Bars

  • All enemies now have their current health displayed above their heads. These health bars will better give a visualization on damage and allows players to create strategies to target weakened foes. We'll be keeping an eye on this change, to see if it clutters the screen too much or hinders player experience.

Reworked Mechanic: Dynamic Lighting

  • Dynamic lighting on each stage has been reworked to better thematically fit the stage. We'll likely continue to tune the lighting as we develop, to look for the best feel for the background.

General Changes:

  • Added analog functionality for Xbox 360 controllers. Analog functionality for Windows compatible controllers remains the same, pressing the “Mode” Command switches movement input from D-pad to analog.
  • Rearranged and added additional selections to the Main Menu. As development progresses, we will start to add more features and modes. These selections are a hint of things to come. 
  • All remaining Command List Move icons have been updated. 
  • Command Lists have been updated reflect the additional new Super Arts implemented.
  • Menu interface sounds have been updated to better fit the thematic feel of Wishmere. 
  • Fade to black transition speeds have increased.
  • Added randomized hints during game loading screens. These hints reveal tips, tricks and knowledge about Wishmere's mechanics and meta. 
  • Reanimated all Super Art 3's to include a brief time stop during the move's start-up frames.
  • Sped up the barrel's destroy animation.

Gameplay Changes: 

  • The camera system has been reworked to better function with multiple players.
  • Codex Barrier – Codex Barriers Super Meter usage decreased by20%. Codex Barriers' recovery time for all players decreased by 60%.
  • Codex Block – All players activate Codex Block 40% faster, allowing players to more successfully block attacks. Recovery time decreased by 30% for all players. 
  • Attacks using blades now have a new hitspark FX and a new hitspark SFX. This is to further add feedback to different player attacks and for visual clarity. An example of attacks that use this new hitspark FX is all of Safford's Abilities where he uses his sword.
  • Players are now able to complete their full attack combo even if their first attack failed to hit an enemy. This change was made to give players more control over their attacks and make it less penalizing when failing to hit enemies. 
  • Players no longer face the direction of an attack they sustained. Players previously changed direction when hit from behind, but this was removed as we felt it was disrupting the flow of gameplay.
  • Sub-bosses now have a chance to drop a collectable item upon death.
  • Tuned the items' drop chance to include the new Super Meter and Super Charged Hope collectable items. 
  • Barrels & Sub-boss enemies – 20% chance of dropping a collectable. If a collectable is dropped:
  • - 50% chance of dropping a health collectable.
  • - 45% chance of dropping a Super Meter collectable.
  • - 5% chance of dropping a Super Charged Hope collectable.
  • - Crates – 80% chance of dropping a collectable. If a collectable is dropped:
  • - 40% chance of dropping a health collectable.
  • - 52% chance of dropping a Super Meter collectable.
  • - 8% chance of dropping a Super Charged Hope collectable.
  • Chests – 100% chance of dropping a collectable:
  • - 45% chance of dropping a health collectable.
  • - 40% chance of dropping a Super Meter collectable.
  • - 15% chance of dropping a Super Charged Hope collectable.
  • Dream Cache – 100% chance of dropping a collectable:
  • - 25% chance of dropping a health collectable.
  • - 25% chance of dropping a Super Meter collectable.
  • - 50% chance of dropping a Super Charged Hope collectable.

Stage Synopsis: Dynamic lighting in our stages sets the tone of the level very easily, so we reworked the dynamic lighting for each stage, each to convey it's own message. Stages now have randomized 'item holders', ranging from rare and common holders. Each holder has its own drop probability and their own percentage between pickups to further add to the randomization.

Ice Wasteland Stage:

  • Reworked dynamic lighting to better convey the icy, lonely wasteland the stage represents.
  • Skirmishers, Magicians, Bulwarks and Sub-bosses now have lifebars. 
  • Item holders in the Ice Wasteland are now randomized.

Sewer Stage:

  • Reworked dynamic lighting by accentuating pockets of darkness and lighting that give the stage a moodier feel. 
  • Boxer Thug, Beanie Thug and Hillbilly Thug now have lifebars. 
  • Item holders in the Sewers are now randomized.

Space Stage:

  • Reworked dynamic lighting by emphasizing the color the planet emits. 
  • Space Centaur, Space Centurions, Space Centrum and Space Turrets now have lifebars. 
  • Item holders in the Space Station are now randomized.
  • The computer panel puzzle is now randomized. This means that the 4 correct panels will be random (but still completable) on each playthrough, in order to keep the puzzle interesting.

Character Synopsis: All characters attained their respective Super Art to fill out their entire moveset. As we develop, we'll be tweaking said moves and perhaps shift the Abilities / Super Arts around until we perfect the character's meta. So far, these Super Arts are what we feel is in line with their meta.


  • +/- Added New Super Art 3: The Last Battle
  • - A damaging flurry that only activates if the initial short ranged punch makes contact.


  • +/- Added New Super Art 3: Mark of Peace
  • - Fires an arrow. If an enemy is hit, they will be marked. Performing Mark of Peace again will detonate the marked enemy, also damaging enemies nearby.


  • +/- Added New Super Art 3: Vortex
  • - Dashes forwards and backwards repeatedly, attacking all enemies in his path.
  • + Safford's Super Art 2 now has a wider range, meaning the attack will successfully connect with enemies in a wider strikebox.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where players could perform Team-Up Supers when they were supposedly disallowed to in Tutorial mode.
  • Fixed a bug where UI audio would play over the other and cancel out the previously playing audio if new commands were given.
  • Fixed a bug where players would fail to have the correct amount of health when changing stages under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where players would lose health after retrying under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a layering issue where Dove's arrow UI was incorrectly overlapping each other. 
  • Fixed a bug where the barrels would play the wrong SFX when destroyed under certain circumstances. 
  • Fixed a bug where hovering over health collectables would incorrectly display the health gained under certain circumstances. 
  • Fixed a bug where players would respawn with the incorrect amount of health under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where players would not be correctly invincible during their Super Arts under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where Bosses would not be able to interact with the player when hit by projectiles.
  • Fixed a bug where a sad, lone Space Centaur had an attack that dealt no damage in the Space Station.
  • Fixed a layering bug where performing a Super Art 3 one after the other would make the Super Art 3 background incorrectly animate. 
  • Fixed a graphical error where Narsus' dynamic lighting was being incorrectly displayed.

Update 1[edit | edit source]

General Synopsis: We've worked on adding defensive options and making the game less punishing in this build. By incorporating feedback from the community for both the speed and defense areas, we've managed to build the game around a faster pace, with a lot of tools and much more leniency to most features. Getting hit by enemies is not as punishing, as the health has been expanded into lifebars, but we've made enemies able to hit the players in combos and added sub-bosses, to add importance to the strategic element to the game, which we want to make a very important element in the game. We also added a new stage, the Ice Wasteland to the game, as we develop towards finishing the game.

New Stage: Ice Wasteland

  • The Ice Wasteland stage represents a more strategic-demanding stage. It features a more aggressive and experienced enemy army, complete with complementary strategies from other enemy units (in the form of ranged magical projectiles and defensive enemies). It also features movement sliding when players run.

New Mechanic: Codex Block

  • Pressing (B),(B) quickly will make the player block all oncoming attacks for a brief period of time, allowing them to absorb all damage taken while the Codex Block is in effect. Codex Blocks can be done during any grounded Normal Attacks and Abilities, allowing for defense at any time.

New Mechanic: Codex Barrier

  • Holding (B) while in Codex Block will make the player perform the Codex Barrier, which allows players to absorb all damage taken while the (B) button is held down. The Super Meter drains while Codex Barrier is in effect.

New Enemy: Sub-boss

  • Sub-bosses have been implemented. Sub-bosses are tougher, smarter and more damaging enemies that players face near the end of the stage. They can be comboed like regular enemies, but their large health pool and aggressive AI make them a more challenging opponent.

New Mechanic: Stage Select

  • At the end of each completed Stage, players are able to select the next stage they wish to complete. This mechanic is currently in the Beta phase, and will be reworked as the game develops.

Reworked Mechanic: Health

  • Health has been reworked to a lifebar system where the bar will represent how much HP a character has and all damage will reduce the lifebar.
  • Enemies and Character Health values have been reworked to better fit the new Health mechanic. Further details can be found below.
  • Standing near health items now indicates on the Player's health bar how much health would be recovered from consuming the item.

Health Item Values:

  • Health Pack value has changed from 1 HP → 15 HP.
  • First Aid Kit value has from 3 HP → 30 HP.
  • Medical Bag value still restores full health.

Reworked Mechanic: Game Speed

  • Overall speed of the game has increased. This means: move speeds and attack speeds are faster, while recovery frames after attacks have been reduced. Further details can be found below for each character.

General Changes:

  • Removed functionality of analogs in control mapping. This is a temporary change, and will be re-enabled when analog function is fully implemented.
  • Removed functionality of F1-F12 in keyboard control mapping. 
  • New Command List Icons for all Character Attacks and Abilities.

Gameplay Changes: 

  • Changed “Tech” to “Difficulty” on the Character Select Screen for clarity. 
  • Pressing the “Escape” key during gameplay pauses the game, giving first player control.
  • Damage values for both player and enemy attacks have been reworked to better fit the new Health mechanic. Further details can be found below for each character and enemy. 
  • Enemy AI's seeking function has been improved, meaning enemies now more accurately locate player positions and attacking more intelligently. 
  • Removed the Continues mechanic. Players are now free to retry infinitely.
  • Added a dialogue “Skip All” function, where Pressing (Y) twice will skip through all dialogue until a dialogue event occurs. 
  • Reduced the number of enemies that appear when there are 3 or more active players. Instead, enemies have increased health and damage.
  • Input Leniency – Inputs are more lenient, meaning it is now easier to complete the attack combo and also easier to chain attacks into the attack launcher. 
  • Hit Stuns – Different types of enemy attacks stun players for different durations depending on the attack, depending on strength / damage of attack. 
  • Hit Invincibility – Players no longer have a small window of invincibility after being hit by a non-knockdown attack, opening up the possibility of being comboed by enemies. 
  • Jump Invincibility – The start-up frames of jumping have invincibility.
  • Jump Control – After completing Jump + Ability, players regain control while mid-air (for Earle, Dove and Spritz).

Stage Synopsis: Due to the change in movement speed and recovery times for players, we wanted to up the pace by making enemies move faster and more competent. We also added a more robust Training mode, complete with options for training that reflect fighting games. There are more features to come for the Training mode, and this is because we intend for players to work on their combos, strategies and data, so to keep character meta important. 

NEW Ice Wasteland Stage:

Enemy Specifications:

NEW Skirmisher:

  • Health: 44 HP 
  • Slash Combination damage: 2 HP + 4 HP + 5 HP

NEW Second Skirmisher:

  • Health: 44 HP 
  • Slash Launcher damage: 7 HP

NEW Magician:

  • Health: 30 HP 
  • Magic Shot damage: 9 HP

NEW Bulwark:

  • Shield health: 30 HP
  • Bulwark health: 40 HP 
  • Shield Barge damage: 7 HP

NEW Lead Skirmisher (Sub-Boss):

  • Health: 250 HP 
  • Dark Slash Combination damage: 4 HP + 6 HP + 10 HP
  • Dark Slash Launcher damage: 7 HP

Tutorial Stage:

  • Added additional dialogue and Branzon behaviors to explain the Codex Block and Codex Barrier.
  • Edited dialogue to reflect the changes made to player health.
  • Fixed an error in dialogue where sentences were being improperly displayed under certain conditions.
  • Added new training overlay for Attack Data.

Training Stage:

  • Additional features in the Training Menu that allow players to control the behavior of Super Meter, the option to hide Attack Data and the ability to reset dummy position. Additional features will be implemented as development continues. 
  • Reduced intensity of lighting on stage.
  • Realigned positioning of Attack Data.
  • Added max combo damage and number of hits functionality to Attack Data.
  • Edited Branzon's lighting map to better dynamically light his sprite.

Sewer Stage:

  • Reduced length of dialogue for certain conversations.
  • Reduced wait time before finishing dialogue with Dillon.
  • Decreased wait time before enemy spawn in final enemy encounter.
  • Increased enemy aggressiveness.

Enemy Changes:

Boxer Thug:

  • Health increased from 20 HP → 50 HP
  • Move Speed increased by 10%. 
  • Knockout Punch damage increased from 1 HP → 10 HP

Beanie Thug:

  • Health increased from 15 HP → 44 HP
  • Move Speed increased by 8%.
  • Uppercut damage increased from 1 HP → 7 HP

Hillbilly Thug:

  • Health increased from 14HP → 40 HP
  • Move Speed increased by 13%. 
  • Uppercut damage increased from 1 HP → 7 HP
  • Death Roll damage increased from 1 HP → 9 HP

Space Stage:

  • Added Space Centrum sub-boss in Space Station 1-3.
  • Dr. Chaka's AI is now more aggressive. 
  • Increased aggressiveness of Space Centaurs. 
  • Fixed a bug where enemies jumping from the drop-ship could be attacked, launching them out of reach and unable to be killed.

Enemy Changes:

Space Centaur:

  • Health increased from 15 HP → 36 HP 
  • Blaster Shot damage increased from 1 HP → 5 HP

Space Centurion:

  • Health increased from 18 HP → 44 HP
  • Move Speed increased by 5%. Damage: 
  • Gut Punch damage increased from 1 HP → 6 HP

Space Centrum:

  • Health increased from 25 HP → 54 HP Damage: 
  • Shoulder Charge damage increased from 1 HP → 8 HP
  • Blaster Shot damage increased from 1 + 1 HP → 2 + 2 HP

Space Turret:

  • Shield health increased from 16 HP →24 HP
  • Turret health increased from 14 HP → 36 HP 
  • Turret Shot damage increased from 1 HP → 7 HP

NEW Space Century (Sub-boss):

  • Health: 200 HP Damage: 
  • Shoulder Charge: 1 HP → 8 HP
  • Blaster Shot: 2 + 2 HP
  • Charged Blaster Shot: 12 HP

Dr. Chaka:

  • Health with One Player increased from 120 HP → 350 HP
  • Health with Two Players increased from 240 HP → 700 HP
  • Health with Three Players increased from 360 HP → 1050 HP
  • Health with Four Players increased from 480 HP → 1500 HP Damage:
  • Charged Shoulder Blast damage increased from 1 HP → 40 HP
  • Arm Blaster damage increased from 1 HP + 1 HP + 1 HP → 7 HP + 7 HP + 7 HP
  • Sonic Wave damage increased from 1 HP → 13 HP:

Character Synopsis: All characters are sped up to accommodate the new speed of the game. To further balance the characters, we also kept the difference of HP between characters intact while changing to a lifebar HP system. While General changes were the focus of this update, we also rounded out the character Abilities in the two missing Abilities in Spritz's down + Ability and Safford's jump + Ability. Missing Super Arts will be added in the coming updates. We also worked on stabilizing the characters by fixing the bugs that occurred from time to time and will be toying with some changes to the characters here and there.