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What is a combo?[edit | edit source]

Seeing the combo counter means that you're performing a combo

A combo is a collection of successful attacks landed on an opponent, that cannot be blocked once the first hit connects. A combo essentially traps an opponent in hitstun until the combo ends. A juggle ca

n still be referred to as a combo.

As a distinction between a juggle and a combo: if an opponent is taken off their feet and the combo is continued, it can be referred to as a juggle. A combo that lands on an opponent that is grounded and stays grounded is usually just referred to as a combo. However, a juggle, since in it's purest sense is still an inescapable series of attacks once the first hit is successful, is still a combo. There is no inherent difference between a combo or a juggle, other than the state (grounded or air) the opponent is in.

A typical bread and butter combo consists of: a normal attack > Chain Move > Ability / Super.

Do note that in any mode other than 1v1 Versus Mode, the combo counter does not appear, even during a legitimate combo.

Understanding Proration[edit | edit source]

Proration (also known as damage scaling) is when an attack that usually does a set amount of damage only deals a percentage of that set amount. Only certain moves are affected by proration and proration only applies to said attacks when used in a combo. The percentage of damage that the prorated attacks deal differs from move to move.

Proration occurs in combos to balance out combos that would normally be particularly damaging (more so than others).

There are three types of proration in Wishmere: starting proration, forced proration and self proration:

Starting Proration[edit | edit source]

Starting Proration is when your first attack of a combo is with a prorated move. If this move is used in a combo outside of the first hit of a combo, it will not prorate the combo. As far as prorated moves are concerned, starting proration is the best type of proration, as it only affects a combo if used as an opener.

Forced Proration[edit | edit source]

Forced Proration is when your prorated move prorates any subsequent attacks of a combo. The attack itself isn't prorated, but the following attacks in the combo are prorated.

Self Proration[edit | edit source]

Self Proration is when both your prorated move you use in a combo and the subsequent attacks of a combo is prorated. This is the worst type of proration as the attack used and the following hits are affected by proration.