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Health[edit | edit source]

A lifebar dictates whether your living or dying.

Health (HP, health points or lifebar) refers to the health vitality of a character. Health determines the survival of a character, and thus managing your health points and avoiding taking damage is key. When health reaches 0, that character is KO'ed.

Health is denoted by the green lifebar located in the player HUD.

In Wishmere, characters have a specific amount of health. Below is a table denoting each character's total amount of health.

Character Health Table
Health Amount Character(s)
1,285 Spritz
1,100 Earle, Dove, Duu Shen
915 Sabson, Doubt
800 Pandy

Lives[edit | edit source]

You have several less Lives than that of a cat

When a character is KO'ed, they lose a Life. Lives determine how more KO's a player can endure before the end of a fight. By default, each character begins a continue / run with 3 lives.

Losing lives in Wishmere is similar to losing rounds in other fighting games. But due to no stopping of the round and resetting position and lifebars, losing a round / life in Wishmere is more fast-paced and allows for immediate follow up from an opponent. As a player, this can make things to snowball out of control faster but also allows players to jump right into the battle, fresh with learning / reeling from an opponent's strategy.

Lives are denoted by the red gems on the top-right of a player's HUD box.

Health in other modes[edit | edit source]

In other modes (Story Mode, Free Mode and Base of Darkness Mode), health for enemies come in various types. Enemy lifebars are located above their heads.

Enemy units[edit | edit source]

Enemy units lifebars are usually the smallest in amount and are red in color.

Sub-bosses[edit | edit source]

One of the ways you are able to tell a sub-bosses apart from the other enemy units is the text that says 'Sub-Boss' below their feet upon first appearance. The color of their lifebars are red like ordinary enemy units but are usually much larger (not visually, but in amount).

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Bosses have visually the same sized lifebars as other enemy units, however their HP is higher than other enemy units. Boss lifebars are purplish-grey in color.

Enemy units in Fiend Rush[edit | edit source]

During a Fiend Rush, all enemy that appear have smaller lifebars than usual enemy units. Fiend Rush enemies' lifebars are gold in color.