Dove's Skills

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Skill Trees Overview[edit | edit source]

Dove's Skill Trees
Arrowstorm Precision Guardian
Tier 5
Crystalight Expertise
Unmatched Focus
Stand United
Tier 4
Amethyst Assault
Protective Drive
Tier 3
Crystalight Gleam
Capitalized Opportunity
Tier 2
Crystalight Force
Fleet of Foot
Violet Flare
Helping Hand
Tier 1
Hunter's Agility
Crystalight Might
Bunker Blaster
Stand Together
Crystalight Sting

Arrowstorm[edit | edit source]

The Arrowstorm tree allows Dove to lay down a hail of arrows, providing a spike in damage and zoning.

Skill Tier Levels Description
Skills iconsDove000.png
Hunter's Agility
1 1 Tidal Wave and Escaping Strike gain more distance.
Skills iconsDove001.png
Crystalight Might
1 5 Arrows that successfully hit enemies push them back further.

LVL1: +15% bonus push back

LVL2: +20% bonus push back

LVL3: +25% bonus push back

LVL4: +30% bonus push back

LVL5: +35% bonus push back

Skills iconsDove002.png
Crystalight Force
2 5 Angled Crystalight Shot and Upward Crystalight Shot deal bonus damage and juggle airborne enemies. 

LVL1: +5%

LVL2: +10%

LVL3: +15%

LVL4: +20%

LVL5: +25%

Skills iconsDove003.png
2 1 All arrow Abilities have increased execution speed.
Skills iconsDove004.png
Crystalight Gleam
3 3 Pressing Up + Super with at least 1 stock of Super Meter will load Crystalight Gleam. Repeating the notation with a loaded arrow will fire an instantaneous arrow that passes through enemies.

LVL1: 130 damage

LVL2: 150 damage

LVL3: 170 damage

Skills iconsDove005.png
4 3 All Crystalight Shots if executed with Ability + Light, will shoot a barrage of arrows in succession.

LVL1: 2 arrow barrage

LVL2: 3 arrow barrage

LVL3: 4 arrow barrage

Skills iconsDove006.png
Crystalight Expertise
5 1 Arrows that successfully hit enemies gain 3% of your Target Lockdown Meter. 

Precision[edit | edit source]

The Precision tree focuses on improving the utility of Target Lockdown and the damage output of Unrelenting Blast.

Skill Tier Levels Description
Skills iconsDove007.png
Bunker Blaster
1 5 Unrelenting Blast gains additional hits.

LVL1: 4 hits total

LVL2: 5 hits total

LVL3: 6 hits total

LVL4: 7 hits total

LVL5: 8 hits total

Skills iconsDove008.png
1 1 Pressing Front or Back and Jump + Ability will make Dove roll in the specified direction.
Skills iconsDove009.png
Fleet of Foot
2 5 Gain bonus movement speed when passing through a placed Target Lockdown Node.

LVL1: +5% bonus movement speed

LVL2: +10% bonus movement speed

LVL3: +15% bonus movement speed

LVL4: +20% bonus movement speed

LVL5: +25% bonus movement speed

Skills iconsDove010.png
2 1 Can place up to 2 Target Lockdown Nodes. Pressing Down, Down + Edge will switch between Nodes to allow directional control. 
Skills iconsDove011.png
Capitalized Opportunity
3 3 After successfully hitting an enemy with Unrelenting Blast, gain bonus movement speed and bonus damage for 4 seconds.

LVL1: +10% bonus movement speed & +15% bonus damage

LVL2: +20% bonus movement speed & +20% bonus damage

LVL3: +30% bonus movement speed & +25% bonus damage

Skills iconsDove012.png
Amethyst Assault
4 3 Unrelenting Blast cooldown after usage is reduced.

LVL1: +20% cooldown reduction

LVL2: +30% cooldown reduction

LVL3: +40% cooldown reduction

Skills iconsDove013.png
Unmatched Focus
5 1 Unrelenting Blast gains 50% bonus damage.

Guardian[edit | edit source]

The Guardian tree rewards teammates that stay close to Dove, and provides additional bonuses when Dove's team is fighting a losing battle.

Skill Tier Levels Description
Skills iconsDove014.png
Stand Together
1 1 While near a teammate, both teammates gain 5% increased guard fill rate and 5% damage reduction.
Skills iconsDove015.png
Crystalight Sting
1 5 All Arrow attacks have increased stun.

LVL1: +10%

LVL2: +15%

LVL3: +20%

LVL4: +25%

LVL5: +30%

Skills iconsDove016.png
Violet Flare
2 1 Activating Mark of Peace has the mark explode an additional time. 
Skills iconsDove017.png
Helping Hand
2 5 When a teammate loses a life, they gain damage reduction and 10% increased movement speed for 10 seconds upon respawning. 

LVL1: +5% damage reduction

LVL2: +10% damage reduction

LVL3: +15% damage reduction

LVL4: +20% damage reduction

LVL5: +25% damage reduction

Skills iconsDove018.png
3 3 Pressing Down for 1 second while guarding near another player will give the player 20% of your guard plus additional bonus guard. 

LVL1: +10% of player's maximum guard

LVL2: +15% of player's maximum guard

LVL3: +20% of player's maximum guard

Skills iconsDove019.png
Protective Drive
4 3 When any teammate is below 30% health, you gain increased melee damage and guard fill rate.  

LVL1: +15% bonus melee damage & +5% guard fill rate

LVL2: +20% bonus melee damage & +10% guard fill rate

LVL3: +25% bonus melee damage & +15% guard fill rate

Skills iconsDove020.png
Stand United
5 1 Pressing Down, Down + Guard will give all players infinite guard for 15 seconds. Cooldown for Stand United is 3 minutes.