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Duu Shen is one of the main protagonists of Wishmere. He is a fiery fighter that loves the spotlight and is obsessed with himself.

He possesses fire generation and a mastery in martial arts.

Duu Shen
The Fierce Blaze
Birthdate November 21
Birthplace Hazelroad, Dagton
Bloodtype O
Species Human
Height 6ft
Weight 73kg
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Fighting Style A variant of Jeet Kune Do
Likes Being the center of attention, his fanclub, women
Dislikes Losing, bullies
Rival Earle (intense friendly rivalry)
Special Talent Sports (he is gifted at basketball and soccer)
Relatives parents (mentioned)

Biography[edit | edit source]

Never shying away from attention and never passing up an opportunity to make himself look better, Duu Shen loves being the best. Ultra competitive and boisterous, Duu Shen's lifestyle had caused his family grief. To minimize conflict, they provided him with the resources he needs and a luxurious apartment away from his family. As a star player on the basketball team and street-fighting extraordinaire, Duu Shen was both idolized and feared in Hazelroad High.

Faced with the easy decision to acquire more notoriety and influence, Duu Shen's decision to become a Wishmere was an easy one. He emerged out of the Energies as a martial artist with pyrokinesis. Though ecstatic with his transformation, he could not help but notice that his friends were vastly different and more empowered than himself.

Duu Shen does not have a part-time job. He does visit his family every few weeks, however.

Gameplay Overview[edit | edit source]

Duu Shen is an offensive juggernaut that is all about rushdown. Duu Shen is best played in the face of an opponent and never letting up. With lightning quick pokes and multiple moves with optional / secondary attacks, Duu Shen can constantly keep his opponent guessing while relying on his close-ranged pressure. He is great at frustrating opponents and putting their backs against the corner. With only a faithful anti-air (u + AB) as his defensive tool, Duu Shen struggles in range, having the worst ranged attacks in the game.

Character Vitals[edit | edit source]

Attribute Value
Health: 1,100
Guard Gauge: 35
Fate Fill Time: 20 seconds
Fate Fill Time (after Fate Break): 40 seconds
Fate Cooldown: 7 seconds

Edge: Rising Pressure[edit | edit source]

Rising Pressure quickly propels Duu Shen forwards in a dash. It can be performed while pressing or holding any direction, while on ground or in air, effectively making it an 8-way dash. Rising Pressure can also be cancelled into from any attack that makes contact with an opponent, and cancelled out of while in dash animation. This makes Rising Pressure essentially a flexible tool: a combo extender, a way to cancel recovery or to keep pressure on the opponent.

Attribute Value
Charge Time: 10 seconds
Cooldown: 4 seconds

Pros:[edit | edit source]

  • Edge is extremely flexible: insane additional pressure, added movement or combo extender
  • Lots of options for mixups: fakeouts, delayed attacks and two-part attacks provide a change of pace of attack
  • Good corner carry, putting the opponent's back to a wall is where Duu Shen excels
  • Fantastic damage on combos and good combo starters (d + H, u + H, j.u + AB, Super Art)
  • Fast normal attacks, both on ground and in air

Cons:[edit | edit source]

  • Terrible range on most attacks; normals and majority of Abilities, making him rely on extremely close ranged skirmishes
  • Outside of his u + H, has no defensive tools and normals
  • Reliant on rushdown and changing the pace to avoid fighting telegraphed
  • Most Abilities are very situational, relying on good reads

Throws[edit | edit source]

Name Command Damage Chip Startup On hit On block Notes (terminology)
Record Breaker Input b-light.png + Input b-hard.png 100 3 +14 Notes Throw.png;

Notes Proration forced.png 70%;

can hold Input d-left.png or Input d-right.png after execution to switch sides;

Bright Lights during jump, Input b-light.png + Input b-hard.png 105 3 Notes Throw.png;

Notes Launch.png;

Notes Proration forced.png 90%;

can hold Input d-left.png or Input d-right.png after execution to switch sides;

Edge Moves[edit | edit source]

Name Command Damage Chip Starutp On hit On block Notes (terminology)
Rising Pressure any direction + Input b-edge.png pressing a direction when executing, will make Duu Shen dash in that direction;

Light Moves[edit | edit source]

Name Command Damage Chip Startup On hit On block Notes (terminology)
Star Jab Input b-light.png 14 0.2 6 0 0 Notes Comboable.png;

Notes Proration start.png 80%;

Front Kick Input d-right.png + Input b-light.png 25 0.2 10 -2 -2
Intestine Popper Input d-up.png + Input b-light.png 60 0.3 8 +3 +2 Notes Comboable.png;

Notes Chainmove.png;

Notes Proration forced.png 90%;

Star Low Input d-down.png + Input b-light.png 30 0.3 5 +1 +1 Notes Comboable.png;
Falling Star ...Input b-light.png 35 [17,18] 1 5 +4 +2
Ankle Breaker during run, Input b-light.png 30 0.4 6 -1 -1 Notes Comboable.png;
Star Knee during jump, Input b-light.png 30 0.2 6 Notes Comboable.png;

Notes Proration forced.png 90%;

Poser Stretch during jump, Input d-up.png + Input b-light.png 55 0.4 7 Notes Comboable.png;

Notes Chainmove.png;

Notes Proration self.png 85%;

Hard Moves[edit | edit source]

Name Command Damage Chip Startup On hit On block Notes (terminology)
Rattler Input b-hard.png 85 0.7 8 0 -4 Notes Comboable.png;
Chin Checker Input d-right.png + Input b-hard.png 90 0.7 11 +2 0 Notes Comboable.png;

Notes Antiair.png;

Model Shot Input d-up.png + Input b-hard.png 90 0.4 14 -12 Notes Comboable.png;

Notes Antiair.png;

Notes Launch.png;

Knife Edge Input d-down.png + Input b-hard.png 70 0.6 20 -7 Notes Antiair.png;

Notes Floorbounce.png;

Notes Autoguard.png;

Notes Proration forced.png90%;

Shimmy Shake during run, Input b-hard.png 90 0.7 24 +5 +5 Notes Comboable.png;
Air Jam during jump, Input b-hard.png 90 0.5 10 Notes Comboable.png;

Notes Proration forced.png85%;

Ability Moves[edit | edit source]

Name Command Damage Chip Startup On hit On block Notes (terminology)
Magnum Input b-ability.png 60 0.4 12 -1 -3 Notes Supercancellable.png;
Unfolding Magnum ...Input b-ability.png 73 0.8 20 -11 Notes Knockdown.png;
Punisher Input d-right.png + Input b-ability.png 100 1 14 -10 Notes Supercancellable.png;

Notes Knockdown.png;

Red Hot Input d-up.png + Input b-ability.png 120 0.8 6 -37~ Notes Supercancellable.png;

Notes Antiair.png;

Notes Knockdown.png;

Notes Invincibility.png;

Turning Magnum Input d-down.png + Input b-ability.png 120 5.6 18 -2 -12 Notes Supercancellable.png;

Notes Guardeater.png;

Drawing Fake Input d-down.png + Input b-ability.png, hold Input b-ability.png
Double Wield during run, Input b-ability.png 102 [51x2] 0.4 13 +11 -7 Notes Supercancellable.png;
Igniter during jump, Input b-ability.png 110 [50,60] 0.8 14 -13~ Notes Knockdown.png;
Magnetizer during jump, Input d-up.png + Input b-ability.png 95 [40, 35, 20] 0.4 9 -18~ Notes Launch.png;

Notes Proration forced.png90%;

Super Moves[edit | edit source]

Name Command Damage Chip Startup On hit On block Notes (terminology)
Aiming for the Penthouse Input b-hard.png + Input b-ability.png 178 0.8 6 -24 Notes Antiair.png;

Notes Launch.png;

Notes Proration forced.png90%;

-1 stock;

Cache on Fire Input d-up.png or Input d-down.png + Input b-hard.png + Input b-ability.png 330 0.5 10 -30~ Notes Wallbounce.png;

Notes Invincibility.png;

Notes Proration self.png 80%;

-3 stocks;

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Duu Shen is a self-proclaimed ladies man, earning the ire of all his peers.
  • Duu Shen plays for the Hazelroad High basketball team. He is their star player and even signs autographs for his fan-club.
  • Duu Shen is an avid fighting game player. His favorite types of characters are the shoto-types.