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Skill Trees Overview[edit | edit source]

Duu Shen's Skill Trees
Showtime Blaze Awestruck
Tier 5
The Show Never Ends
Last One Standing
Greatness of the Chosen
Tier 4
Eyes on the Prize
Combustible Chumps
Reckless Fury
Tier 3
Flamboyant Finish
Keep the Flames Burning
Swift and Suave
Tier 2
Perfection or Nothing
Burning Crescendo
One for the History Books
Tier 1
Style Over Substance
Big Game Hunter
Burning Impatience
Punishing Blows

Showtime[edit | edit source]

The Showtime tree is a high-risk high-reward tree that forces Duu Shen to defeat enemies stylishly and flawlessly. Doing so will gain incredible bonuses, but failing to do so will severely hinder his effectiveness.

Skill Tier Levels Description
Skills iconsDuuShen000.png
Style Over Substance
1 5 Gain bonus damage. However, performing the same attack twice in succession disables this bonus for 10 seconds.

LVL1: +2% bonus damage

LVL2: +4% bonus damage

LVL3: +6% bonus damage

LVL4: +8% bonus damage

LVL5: +10% bonus damage

Skills iconsDuuShen001.png
Big Game Hunter
1 5 Every enemy killed by you adds a stack to your Kill Count. Each stack gives 1% bonus damage up to a maximum. All stacks are lost on death.

LVL1: +10% maximum bonus damage

LVL2: +20% maximum bonus damage

LVL3: +30% maximum bonus damage

LVL4: +40% maximum bonus damage

LVL5: +50% maximum bonus damage

Skills iconsDuuShen002.png
2 3 Dealing damage above a threshold in one combo gives 15% bonus movement speed for 6 seconds.

LVL1: Damage in one combo: 300

LVL2: Damage in one combo: 250

LVL3: Damage in one combo: 200

Skills iconsDuuShen003.png
Perfection or Nothing
2 1 *Requires Big Game Hunter skill to be unlocked*

Killing an enemy now gives 3 stacks of Big Game Hunter, but lose 1 stack if hit and lose 3 stacks if knocked down.

Skills iconsDuuShen004.png
Flamboyant Finish
3 3 Killing an enemy with a Super Art or Ultimate Art refunds a portion of the Super Meter consumed.

LVL1: +15% Super Meter refunded

LVL2: +25% Super Meter refunded

LVL3: +35% Super Meter refunded

Skills iconsDuuShen005.png
Eyes on the Prize
4 3 *Requires Big Game Hunter skill to be unlocked*

An enemy is marked every few seconds. Killing a marked enemy gives stacks of Big Game Hunter. Other players that kill the marked enemy decrease stacks by 2. Only one enemy can be marked at a time.

LVL1: +3 Stacks gained on kill

LVL2: +4 Stacks gained on kill

LVL3: +5 Stacks gained on kill

Skills iconsDuuShen006.png
The Show Never Ends
5 1 Big Game Hunter's stacks no longer reset on death. Pressing Light + Ability at full stacks will consume all stacks and give you an additional Hope Crystal.

Blaze[edit | edit source]

The Blaze tree amplifies Duu Shen's fire based attacks, providing damage and some measure of utility.

Skill Tier Levels Description
Skills iconsDuuShen007.png
Burning Impatience
1 5 Increases Rising Pressure's fill rate.

LVL1: +5%

LVL2: +10%

LVL3: +15%

LVL4: +20%

LVL5: +25%

Skills iconsDuuShen008.png
Punishing Blows
1 5 Double Wield now stuns for longer.

LVL1: +10% bonus stun

LVL2: +15% bonus stun

LVL3: +20% bonus stun

LVL4: +25% bonus stun

LVL5: +30% bonus stun

Skills iconsDuuShen009.png
2 5 Rising Pressure has increased dash speed.

LVL1: +10% bonus dash speed

LVL2: +20% bonus dash speed

LVL3: +30% bonus dash speed

LVL4: +40% bonus dash speed

LVL5: +50% bonus dash speed

Skills iconsDuuShen010.png
2 3 All fire based attacks that hit enemies mark them with Ablaze. If they are hit with another fire based attack within 6 seconds, deal bonus damage equal to a percentage of the enemy's maximum health. Does not trigger on Unfolding Magnum, the second hit of Igniter or Double Wield.

LVL1: bonus damage is 5% of enemy's maximum health

LVL2: bonus damage is 10% of enemy's maximum health

LVL3: bonus damage is 15% of enemy's maximum health

Skills iconsDuuShen011.png
Keep the Flames Burning
3 3 *Requires Ablaze skill to be unlocked*

Consuming stacks of Ablaze fills a percentage of Rising Pressure's meter.

LVL1: +10% Rising Pressure Meter gain

LVL2: +20% Rising Pressure Meter gain

LVL3: +30% Rising Pressure Meter gain

Skills iconsDuuShen012.png
Combustible Chumps
4 1 *Requires Ablaze skill to be unlocked*

All Abilities and Supers have bonus properties when hitting an enemy that is Ablaze.

Skills iconsDuuShen013.png
Last One Standing
5 1 Pressing Up + Super with Rising Pressure available fully consumes it and performs a significantly more powerful Ultimate Art.

Awestruck[edit | edit source]

The Awestruck tree focuses on giving Duu Shen offensive utility, giving him an easier time handling many enemies. It is also the tree with the only skill Duu Shen has that aids teammates.

Skill Tier Levels Description
Skills iconsDuuShen014.png
1 5 Rising Pressure now stuns and damages enemies.

LVL1: 30 damage

LVL2: 50 damage

LVL3: 70 damage

LVL4: 90 damage

LVL5: 110 damage

Skills iconsDuuShen015.png
1 1 Igniter now hits 3 times and launches standing opponents.
Skills iconsDuuShen016.png
Burning Crescendo
2 5 Combos with a number of hits that exceed a threshold give 8% bonus Super Meter.

LVL1: 9 hits threshold in one combo

LVL2: 8 hits threshold in one combo

LVL3: 7 hits threshold in one combo

LVL4: 6 hits threshold in one combo

LVL5: 5 hits threshold in one combo

Skills iconsDuuShen017.png
One for the History Books
2 1 Model Shot launches higher, gains increased range, has upper body invincibility and increased damage.
Skills iconsDuuShen018.png
Swift and Suave
3 3 Gain bonus movement speed.

LVL1: +10% bonus movement speed

LVL2: +20% bonus movement speed

LVL3: +30% bonus movement speed

Skills iconsDuuShen019.png
Reckless Fury
4 3 When performing Red Hot, has a chance to perform a second much more powerful uppercut.

LVL1: 20% chance of a second uppercut

LVL2: 40% chance of a second uppercut

LVL3: 60% chance of a second uppercut

Skills iconsDuuShen020.png
Greatness of the Chosen
5 1 Dealing the killing blow on a Subboss or Boss enemy replenishes 1/3 of each players' maximum health.