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Items are collectable pickups that can aid the player during gameplay. By pressing the Ability button when near an item, a player can pickup and use the item immediately.

Items can be found by destroying barrels and crates, opening a chest or destroying a Dream Cache. Each of these methods hold different drop percentages and different item drop probabilities. The spawning of a barrel, crate, chest or a Dream Cache is random, though the Dream Cache more rare.

Drop percentages refer to the probability of an item being dropped once an item holder is 'opened'. There is a probability that an item holder may not drop an item. Different item drop probabilities refer to the probability of each item being present once an item is dropped.

Item Holders[edit | edit source]

Barrels[edit | edit source]

Both types of Barrels in the game

Drop percentages: 20%

Item probabilities:

  • Health: 50%
  • Super Meter: 45%
  • Hope Crystals: 5%

Crates[edit | edit source]

A Crate. Just a crate.

Drop percentages: 80%

Item probabilities:

  • Health: 40%
  • Super Meter: 52%
  • Hope Crystals: 8%

Chests[edit | edit source]

Chest with treasure inside. Presumably.

Drop percentages: 100%

Item probabilities:

  • Health: 45%
  • Super Meter: 40%
  • Hope Crystals: 15%

Hit this if you see it

Dream Cache[edit | edit source]

Drop percentages: 100%

Item probabilities:

  • Health: 25%
  • Super Meter: 25%
  • Hope Crystals: 50%

Collectable Items[edit | edit source]

Health[edit | edit source]

Health items restore health. In co-op play, health items only affect the player who collects the item. Health pickups come in 3 different forms: Health Pack, First Aid Kit and Medical Bag.

Graphic: Item: Effect:
Health Pack Restores 250 HP
First Aid Kit Restores 500 HP
MedicalBag .png
Medical Bag Restores 1200 HP

Super Meter[edit | edit source]

Super Meter items restore Super Meter. In co-op play, super meter items only affect the player who collects the item.

Graphic: Item: Effect:
Half Orb Gain 1 stock of Super Meter
Orb Gain 4 stocks of Super Meter

Hope Crystals[edit | edit source]

Hope Crystals add to the total number of Hope Crystals collected. Hope Crystals are used to purchase Skill Upgrades in Arcade Mode and Base of Darkness mode. In co-op play, Hope Crystals that are collected by one player will affect all other members of the team. Hope Crystal pickups come in 3 different forms:

Graphic: Item: Effect:
Small Hope Crystal Adds 1 Hope Crystal
Medium Hope Crystals Adds 2 Hope Crystals
Large Hope Crystal Adds 3 Hope Crystals