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Skill Trees Overview[edit | edit source]

Sabson's Skill Trees
Transcended Mastery Dark Dimension
Tier 5
True Morancer
Fountain of Fornith
Control Crisis
Tier 4
Favor of Mana
Mana Augment
Grnym Shield
Tier 3
Grnym Meditation
Wisp of Torrayya
Inner Soul
Tier 2
Cenow Charge
Master of Fate
Balancing Energies
Torrayya Infusion
Fabric Tear
Reality Erosion
Tier 1
Magnificent Power
Magnificent Strength
Phrase Incantation
Barsarrez State
Vigor and Magma
Mana Force

Transcended[edit | edit source]

The Transcended tree is a safe skill tree that bolsters Sabson's resource gain, allowing freer use of it.

Skill Tier Levels Description
Skills iconsSabson000.png
Magnificent Power
1 5 Successful hits gain additional Super Meter.

LVL1: +3% Super Meter gain

LVL2: +6% Super Meter gain

LVL3: +9% Super Meter gain

LVL4: +12% Super Meter gain

LVL5: +15% Super Meter gain

Skills iconsSabson001.png
Magnificent Strength
1 5 Successful hits deal additional guard damage.

LVL1: +10% bonus guard damage

LVL2: +20% bonus guard damage

LVL3: +30% bonus guard damage

LVL4: +40% bonus guard damage

LVL5: +50% bonus guard damage

Skills iconsSabson002.png
Cenow Charge
2 5 Cloud of Cenow now gains a portion of the Fate Gauge.

LVL1: +5% of Fate Gauge

LVL2: +6% of Fate Gauge

LVL3: +7% of Fate Gauge

LVL4: +8% of Fate Gauge

LVL5: +10% of Fate Gauge

Skills iconsSabson003.png
Master of Fate
2 3 Increases Fate Gauge fill rate.

LVL1: +10%

LVL2: +20%

LVL3: +30%

Skills iconsSabson004.png
Grnym Meditation
3 3 Pressing Ability + Light makes you enter a powered up state. If the animation is allowed to finish, your next successful Ability has bonus damage.

LVL1: +10% bonus damage

LVL2: +30% bonus damage

LVL3: +50% bonus damage

Skills iconsSabson005.png
Favor of Mana
4 3 While Assistants of Mana is active, gain increased movement speed, damage reduction and guard refill rate.  

LVL1: +5% bonus movement speed, +5% damage reduction and +5% guard fill rate

LVL2: +10% bonus movement speed, +10% damage reduction and +10% guard fill rate

LVL3: +15% bonus movement speed, +15% damage reduction and +15% guard fill rate

Skills iconsSabson006.png
True Morancer
5 1 All Fate Advances slow down to time to a crawl. Players are still unaffected.

Mastery[edit | edit source]

The Mastery tree is a risky tree that focuses on successfully countering enemies.

Skill Tier Levels Description
Skills iconsSabson007.png
Phrase Incantation
1 5 Sills Cape has increased knock away.

LVL1: +10% bonus knock away

LVL2: +12% bonus knock away

LVL3: +14% bonus knock away

LVL4: +16% bonus knock away

LVL5: +20% bonus knock away

Skills iconsSabson008.png
Barsarrez State
1 1 All Abilities have an increased counter window.
Skills iconsSabson009.png
Balancing Energies
2 5 Pressing Down + Trait will sacrifice a percentage of your maximum Guard Meter to gain 1 mandala.

LVL1: Sacrifice 70% of maximum Guard Meter

LVL2: Sacrifice 60% of maximum Guard Meter

LVL3: Sacrifice 50% of maximum Guard Meter

LVL4: Sacrifice 40% of maximum Guard Meter

LVL5: Sacrifice 30% of maximum Guard Meter

Skills iconsSabson010.png
Torrayya Infusion
2 3 If you have not been hit for a period of time, gain an aura that will absorb the first attack that hits you. The timer is reset and the aura is lost whenever you guard.

LVL1: 12 seconds before activation

LVL2: 10 seconds before activation

LVL3: 8 seconds before activation

Skills iconsSabson011.png
Wisp of Torrayya
3 3 *Requires Torrayya Infusion skill to be unlocked*

Gain a mandala every few seconds while Torrayya Infusion is active. The timer is reset whenever you guard.

LVL1: 8 seconds before activation

LVL2: 7 seconds before activation

LVL3: 6 seconds before activation

Skills iconsSabson012.png
Mana Augment
4 3 If Assistants of Mana is activated with 1 or more Super Meter stocks, consume 1 stock. Assistants of Mana duration is now increased, the usage cooldown is lowered and damage is increased.

LVL1: +5 seconds duration, +15% cooldown reduction and +10% bonus damage

LVL2: +7 seconds duration, +20% cooldown reduction and +15% bonus damage

LVL3: +9 seconds duration, +25% cooldown reduction and +20% bonus damage

Skills iconsSabson013.png
Fountain of Fornith
5 1 Each counter now gives two mandalas.

Dark Dimension[edit | edit source]

The Dark Dimension tree focuses on increasing Sabson's utility, increasing both damage and survivability.

Skill Tier Levels Description
Skills iconsSabson014.png
Vigor and Magma
1 1 Volcanic Force now breaks Bulwark's guard in one hit.
Skills iconsSabson015.png
Mana Force
1 5 Attacks by Assistants of Mana stun longer.

LVL1: +5% bonus stun

LVL2: +10% bonus stun

LVL3: +15% bonus stun

LVL4: +20% bonus stun

LVL5: +25% bonus stun

Skills iconsSabson016.png
Fabric Tear
2 1 Time Watcher now bounces off walls but is slower to execute.
Skills iconsSabson017.png
Reality Erosion
2 5 Enemies hit by any Abilities deal less damage for 4 seconds.

LVL1: -20% of enemy damage

LVL2: -30% of enemy damage

LVL3: -40% of enemy damage

LVL4: -50% of enemy damage

LVL5: -60% of enemy damage

Skills iconsSabson018.png
Inner Soul
3 3 You and your teammates' melee attacks gain increased damage while Fate Advance is active.

LVL1: +10% bonus damage

LVL2: +20% bonus damage

LVL3: +30% bonus damage

Skills iconsSabson019.png
Grnym Shield
4 3 Gain damage reduction while you have at least 3 mandalas.

LVL1: +20% damage reduction

LVL2: +30% damage reduction

LVL3: +40% damage reduction

Skills iconsSabson020.png
Control Crisis
5 1 A successful Ability counter now gives Sabson 1 stock of Super Meter and a quarter of the Guard Meter.