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Spritz is a protagonist of Wishmere. He is one of the six best friends that were turned into the current generation of Wishmere.

He is a living robot possessing the power of telekinesis and a supercomputer database installed into his systems.

The Cyborg Oracle
Birthdate June 12
Birthplace Entall, Dargus
Bloodtype AB
Species Cyborg
Height 6ft 5
Weight 95kg
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Orange, formerly blonde
Fighting Style Self taught combination of calculation and instinct
Likes Sleeping (now recalibration), theme parks, listening to music
Dislikes One-on-one conversations, nosey people
Rival Duu Shen (intense friendly rivalry)
Special Talent He has an extensive knowledge of all genres of music (even before becoming a cyborg)
Relatives none mentioned

Biography[edit | edit source]

Spritz is a very conflicted person, very unsure of his place in his family and in life. Coming from an extremely large and complicated family, Spritz has learnt that speaking his mind comes with a price. Throughout his life, Spritz has been a victim of bullying and exclusion, in part to both his unnaturally large frame and his overly quiet nature. The first person to treat him as a friend was Earle, who helped him fend off any further troubles, in and out of school.

When Doubt's forces overrun Hazelroad High, King Elreed rushes to save Spritz and his friends. When told of the potential duty and sacrifice they would be burdened with to become Wishmere, Spritz is unsure. Having spent his life as viewing himself as a second-rate citizen, Spritz did not believe he could be a hero. It wasn't until his friends agreed, did Spritz believe in himself. Once agreeing and being changed by the Energies, Spritz emerged as a living robot with telekinesis powers, looking for a way to understand the world and himself.

Spritz doesn't have many friends other than his fellow Wishmere and doesn't share too much personal information about himself.

Gameplay Overview[edit | edit source]

Spritz relies on brute strength and patience. He can destroy an opponent with his Juggernaut Explosion (u + AB). With several ways to keep an opponent still, Spritz has several ways to land Juggernaut Explosion. How an opponent plays to avoid his throws leads Spritz to exploiting their strategies. He has decent defensive tools and his Edge (Overclocked) can turn the tide of a fight by allowing such form of rushdown and super-armor. Spritz suffers against characters with strong zoning due to his lack of mobility options.

Character Vitals[edit | edit source]

Attribute Value
Health: 1,285
Guard Gauge: 39
Fate Fill Time: 19 seconds
Fate Fill Time (after Fate Break): 38 seconds
Fate Cooldown: 5 seconds

Edge: Overclocked[edit | edit source]

Overclocked creates a temporary shield around Spritz and now allows him to dash and airdash. The shield acts as a temporary armor around Spritz and he will ignore the hitstun and damage of anything that hits him, while his opponent will also ignore 'traditional hitpause'. This grants him the ability to rush into fleeing opponents and soak up their damage and make a push to deal damage. Activating Overclocked at the right time can also soak up opponent's Super Art or Ultimate Art. One thing to note is that his shield is the armored hitbox, hence opponents can peck and wear down the shield without getting too near to Spritz. Once Overclocked is disabled, Spritz will enter a cooldown period where his movement is reduced greatly.

Attribute Value
Charge Time: 14 seconds
Active Time: 15 seconds
Shield Health: 200 HP
Cooldown: 8 seconds

Pros:[edit | edit source]

  • Extremely damaging Ability throw (Juggernaut Explosion)
  • Frame traps revolving around Processor Palm (neutral + AB) are extremely rewarding in dmage and positioning for Spritz
  • Edge provides him with temporary superarmor, giving him a potential invincible burst of offense
  • Potentially the best anti-airs in the game in TK Crush (f + AB) and Comet Crash (d + H)
  • Fantastic range on his pokes (f + L) and some normals (f + H, jump + H)
  • Highest health in the game

Cons:[edit | edit source]

  • Without Edge, he has very poor mobility
  • Can struggle to get in range against zoning and hit-and-run strategies
  • Larger hurtbox than other characters in the game
  • Challenging normals that require patience

Throws[edit | edit source]

Name Command Damage Chip Startup On hit On block Notes (terminology)
Broken Landing Input b-light.png + Input b-hard.png 120 3 Notes Throw.png;

Notes Wallbounce.png;

Notes Proration forced.png 90%;

can hold Input d-left.png or Input d-right.png after execution to switch sides;

Lift Off during jump, Input b-light.png + Input b-hard.png 100 3 Notes Throw.png;

Notes Launch.png;

Notes Proration forced.png 90%;

can hold Input d-left.png or Input d-right.png after execution to switch sides;

Edge Moves[edit | edit source]

Name Command Damage Chip Starutp On hit On block Notes (terminology)
Overclocked Input b-edge.png super armor;

lasts up to 200HP or 15 seconds active time;

Light Moves[edit | edit source]

Name Command Damage Chip Startup On hit On block Notes (terminology)
Profound Poke Input b-light.png 40 0.3 10 +1 +1 Notes Comboable.png;
Light Jab Input d-right.png + Input b-light.png 15 0.2 7 0 -1 Notes Comboable.png;

Notes Proration start.png 80%;

Elimination Input d-up.png + Input b-light.png 36 0.3 10 -2 -4 Notes Comboable.png;
Downtime Input d-down.png + Input b-light.png 40 0.4 12 +1 -1
Minimization during jump, Input b-light.png 33 0.2 9
SSD Fracture during jump, Input d-up.png + Input b-light.png 76 0.4 13 Notes Comboable.png;

Notes Chainmove.png;

Notes Proration self.png 85%;

Hard Moves[edit | edit source]

Name Command Damage Chip Startup On hit On block Notes (terminology)
Maximization Input b-hard.png 97 0.6 9 0 0 Notes Comboable.png;
Fast Disc Load ...Input b-hard.png 64 0.7 11 -9 Notes Antiair.png;

Notes Knockdown.png;

Profound Drill Input d-right.png + Input b-hard.png 177 [59x3] 5.65 14 -15 Notes Guardeater.png;

Notes Knockdown.png;

Parting Sweep Input d-up.png + Input b-hard.png 90 7.2 23 -17 Notes Guardeater.png;

Notes Wallsplat.png;

Notes Armor.png;

Notes Proration forced.png90%;

Comet Crash Input d-down.png + Input b-hard.png 128 1 15 -2 -20 Notes Comboable.png;

Notes Proration forced.png90%;

Soft Reset during jump, Input b-hard.png 92 0.5 13 Notes Comboable.png;

Notes Proration forced.png90%;

Ability Moves[edit | edit source]

Name Command Damage Chip Startup On hit On block Notes (terminology)
Processor Palm Input b-ability.png 100 1.2 34 0 +10 Notes Supercancellable.png;

Notes Autoguard.png;

TK Crush Input d-right.png + Input b-ability.png 195 14 +35 on success -22 on whiff Notes Throw.png;

Notes Antiair.png;

Notes Knockdown.png;

Notes Invincibility.png;

Notes Proration self.png 90%;

Juggernaut Explosion when close, Input d-up.png + Input b-ability.png 268 7 +50 on success -40 on whiff Notes Throw.png;

Notes Slam.png;

TK Sponge Input d-down.png + Input b-ability.png 18 Notes Projectile.png negates all types of projectiles;
TK Handshake during jump, Input b-ability.png 90 0.5 18 -22~ Notes Projectile.png;

Super Moves[edit | edit source]

Name Command Damage Chip Startup On hit On block Notes (terminology)
TK Wrecking Ball Input b-hard.png + Input b-ability.png 140 2.1 9 -20 Notes Projectile.png;

Notes Launch.png; Notes Proration forced.png90%;

-1 stock;

Blue Screen when close, Input d-up.png or Input d-down.png + Input b-hard.png + Input b-ability.png 420 5 Notes Throw.png;

Notes Knockdown.png;

-3 stocks;

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Spritz suffers from low self-esteem and confidence issues.
  • Spritz used to like painting and drawing, but has stopped both hobbies.
  • Though he listens to all genres of music, Spritz's favorite genre is folk music.